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Creed - women's and men's perfumes: reviews

Creed? Perfume? Another new brand?Something unusual? You can say so. It is perfumery with a quality mark, proven not by one century. Not just selective fragrances, but the highest league. Best of the best. Few perfume house can boast a history lasting 256 years. Only for the sake of this it is interesting to "listen" to the flavors that went down in history, to try to understand what the emperors and kings chose for them. And, perhaps, too, submit and find your own, the one that will become the most beloved.


Perfume Creed is almost alchemy.After all, each fragrance is created manually by secret recipes and technologies. All components are carefully selected, these are not synthetic ingredients, but natural supplements. This explains the price of the perfume brand. It is expensive, but the cost is justified.

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Each new fragrance is carefully thought outcomposition, a new idea, carrying a certain meaning, and not just a pretty fashionable hit of the season. What Creed produces is not a one-day, but a perfume that can be used for years.

Women's Fragrances

Most selective fragrances are produced as"unisex", but Creed perfume is both female and male. Of course, universal are also present. Female compositions are more refined and refined, despite even some aggressiveness, present in a couple of fragrances. A woman can be strong, too, can not she?

Love in black

This is a game, a prelude. Not a direct assault and capture, but a languid and thoughtful seduction. Without vulgarity and exposure. Everything is very stylish and luxurious. But far from innocence.

The fragrance begins to unfold with gentle notesjasmine and violet, warmed by the warmth of the cedar. In the heart there are chords of musk, cloves and a restrained iris. Black currant and a Bulgarian rose in the base create a long train and give the aroma a volume and depth.

creed perfume

These perfumes Creed reviews have different.Frankly there are no bad, rather surprised: on someone, the fragrance opens from an unexpected side, and instead of noble flowers someone catches zucchini and dichlorvos. That's why perfume is worth trying out not on blotter, but on the skin, and wait for several hours until it opens, so that there are no surprises.

Love in black does not combine with jeans and sneakers, it's not a kezhual fragrance, it does not have versatility. Only dress, hairpins, thoughtful make-up and hairstyle.

Love in white

What is the first love? Gentle, tremulous, innocent, romantic and dreamy. This is all right for describing Love in white from Creed.

Spirits of women under this name in the beginning soundvery delicate and tender: orange peel in the frame of green foliage. After 40 minutes, heart notes begin to unfold - this is an exquisite floral bouquet of iris, magnolia, rose, jasmine and daffodils. The tangibility is attached to rice, it seems to make the fragrance weighty. Appears density and saturation, sweetness, but not cloying, but noble. In the base, the perfume becomes heavier due to sandalwood, ambergris and vanilla. But it does not spoil it at all, but gives completeness and conciseness.

Men's perfumes creed

According to reviews, "Love in White" is very elegant, andperfect for both young and older girls. The fragrance is persistent, it is felt on the skin even after 12 hours without updating, on clothes it is heard even longer. Ideal for spring-summer.

Creed Aventus Fragrance

Perhaps, this is the most famous men's perfume fromhome Creed. The one who heard it once, easily and unmistakably finds out in the crowd. Elegant, expensive, stylish, luxurious ... You can continue a series of adjectives, trying to describe this masterpiece. But it is better to feel once, to fall in love forever.

Men's fragrance Creed Aventus are revealedFruity notes with a slight taste of citrus sour and tartness of black currant. They harmoniously balance the sweetness of the green apple and juicy pineapple, not allowing them to turn into the usual "compote". Heart notes enter with a rose, jasmine, patchouli, and then a tar-birch chord appears. It is he who brings to the fragrance a unique chic and zest. Moss, gray amber, vanilla and musk appear in the base.

perfume creed reviews
The aroma is very durable, sturdy, beautiful. Perfume Creed Aventus reviews characterize as "fruity smoke."

One "pshika" in the morning is enough until a deep evening. It is consumed extremely economically: 30 milliliters are sufficient for more than six months of daily use.

Men's fragrance Creed Himalaya

Relate to the family of Oriental tree. They are sensual, fascinating, courageous and mysterious. With your chip, which not everyone appreciates. Perfume for an amateur, however, like any niche flavor.

The composition is revealed by a fresh sparkling mixfrom mandarin, lemon, grapefruit and bergamot. Citrus sour is ideal to emphasize heart notes, allowing them to sound bright and rich. Sandalwood, cedar, vetiver and pepper give the perfume a deep woody shade. The combination of beans thin, gray amber and musk completes the bouquet.

creed perfume for women

Some manage to hear notes in the pyramidcherries, although they are not here. Men's perfume Creed (customer reviews and just tested the fragrance will not let you lie), sturdy, daisy, suitable for daily use. Their only drawback is cost. But if you want, you can find an alternative. For example, buy on the spill.

For him and for her

The peculiarity of selective perfumery is thatone flavor can fit both a man and a woman, revealing themselves especially. On the man he will emphasize masculinity, on the girl - femininity. In all, the chemistry of the skin is to blame. In this you can find a lot of advantages, because it often happens that I want to try the man's fragrance that I like very much. And it does not sound. Or reveals itself frankly awful.

Asian Green Tea

Periodically perfume house Creed perfume "unisex"also releases. For example, this wood-flower composition was released in 2014. Relatively recently, but already enjoys well-deserved popularity. The aroma is fresh, summer, all the versatility of the shades of green tea is played in it.

men's perfume creed reviews

In the upper notes, the chords of Neroli clearly sound,bergamot, lemon and mandarin. Citruses gradually give way to a tender violet, black currant and rose, emphasizing the bright green tea spillovers. Soft, delicate trail of wood-creamy sandalwood and thin, almost imperceptible musk and ambergris complete the composition.

On men, the base appears brighter and more saturated, the green tea in it is a bit drowning. On women, the fragrance sounds fresh and delicate.

Aberdeen Lavander

If you want something more calm and neutral, pay attention to this perfume from Creed.

perfume creed aventus

Perfume refers to the group of flower wine glasses. They play the main component of the pyramid - lavender. Her beauty is emphasized by the combination of citrus notes at the beginning of the fragrance and the woody-balsamic base base of vetiver, leather and patchouli. Absolute notes give a special uniqueness to perfume.

Aroma is ideal for warm season and windy weather.

Whatever perfume from Creed you choose, remember,that before buying with him you need to live, and preferably not a couple of minutes in the store. Only this way you will understand if the perfume is right for you or whether you should try something else.