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What should be the hairstyle for a round type face

suitable hairstyles for a round face
Girls with a round, like a pancake, face often sufferfrom such an ugly comparison. But in fact, everything is not so sad. First of all, you need to know what is considered a round form. And only then look for options, as it is smart and beautiful to present. Hairstyles for a round type face not only hide the roundness, stretching the face, but also give its possessor a special charm, charm and defenselessness.

Before you run to the hairdresser with a sharpthe desire to immediately change the haircut, you need to understand what kind of your "face". Round is the person whose distance from the forehead to the chin and from one cheekbone to the other is the same. To hide this can be the correct styling, haircut, even the length of the hair plays a big role. What hairstyles for a round face type is better to choose? There are lots of options!

For example, it can be a square with an elongation withshort bangs or not at all. What is good about this option? The ears are covered, cheekbones too, the face is visually stretched. It ceases to be round, becoming oval, which radically changes the image. With this hair must be given volume. That is, on the vertex you can make a small hair. Otherwise, the face will be flat and unprepossessing.

hairstyles for round face type
Another good option is to install withthe selection is oblique or zigzag. The volume of hair in this case must be maintained. Hairstyles for the face of the round form can be with a bang or without it. For example, a short or long straight fringe and a straight parting fit well. Or torn and chaotic strands with a zigzag on the parting.

Suitable hairstyles for the round face are those,which cover their ears. It can be a fine curl on the hair up to the shoulders. But short haircuts with small curls should be avoided - it will make the face even rounder and disproportionate. The bang can be thick and long, then visually the shape of your face will change for the better. The main thing is that there is always volume on the top of the head. It depends on it how harmonious the whole image will be.

Categorically, you can not comb the hair back andmake a tail - this will only accentuate the unprofitable forms. Too shy hair is desirable to straighten hair dryer and comb or ironing. It is not necessary to make perfectly even strands. They can be slightly lush, but neat.

hairstyles for the face of the round form
Hairstyles for a round type face do not tolerate a hoop.A completely bared forehead will make the shape even rounder. It is better to comb the bangs on one side and fix it with invisible or hairpins, or tuck the strands behind the ear so that the ears remain hidden by the hair. Cutting the cascade will give the rounded face the right features, hiding all the shortcomings.

It can not be said that there is an ugly face.There are hairstyles that spoil the image. It is important to choose the right one for yourself, which will hide shortcomings and emphasize dignity. Hairstyles for the round type face are very, very diverse. The same haircut allows you to look every day in a new way, you just need to! For very stubborn hair, there are special styling products that will make the hair obedient, so you can give the desired shape to your face.