/ / Beautiful hairstyles with flowing hair to school: interesting ideas, description and reviews

Beautiful hairstyles with flowing hair to school: interesting ideas, description and reviews

Every young girl wants to lookunsurpassed, beautiful and effective. Mostly, school girls prefer long hair. Of course, they look very gentle and feminine, but they need constant care and various options for hairstyles or styling. Hairstyles with loose hair to school should not be too complicated and unusual, as it will be necessary to do them every day for a very limited period of time.

hairstyles for medium hair let loose in school

Principles of choosing hairstyles

At school, you can not afford to fullyshow your extravagant or too unusual taste. School children should look neat and tidy. This rule applies not only to clothing, but also to haircuts. Hairstyles with loose hair to school or haircuts should be made in a restrained and simultaneously elegant style.

There are several principles for choosing a hairstyle, which is best for schoolgirls:

  • Do not use the fixation and styling tools too often. It is possible to damage and damage the quality of the hair, since they are very susceptible to all foreign interventions in children.
  • Hairstyle should be more strict. Everyone knows that creative haircuts or bright and color-evoking hair will not be accepted with approval by teachers and school management.
  • For the same reason, you should carefully consider the choice of accessories.
  • The hairstyle should not distract, therefore hair should be accurately cleaned from the person.
  • The hairstyle should not be too intricate and complex, as it will have to be done every day.


Every day to do hairdresses in school with her hair loose is very easy. One of the most beautiful and uncomplicated laying is the flagella. It is done in this sequence:

  1. The hair is wound into the spiral curls with the help of a curling iron or curler.
  2. The resulting curls are slightly lacquered.
  3. We take a lock of hair at the left temple and in a direction to a nape we twist it into a plait. Similarly, do with the hair on the right side.
  4. Two strands are fastened on the back of the head by an invisible or a hairpin.

That's all. Hairstyle is ready! This styling can be changed slightly. To do this, you can change the thickness and density of the flagella. Also, when they are connected, they can be intertwined with a beautiful knot or put into a small pigtail. Creating a hairstyle with flagella takes a little time and does not require any special skills.

Locks with fleece

hairstyles with flowing hair to school

Simple, fast and excellent. Lush and well-laid hair is the key to success not only for schoolgirls, but for women of any age. Hairstyles with loose hair to school should be light in performance and look neat and not defiant. You can do it like this:

  1. The shape of strands of hair is given by curling or curlers. Get light and flowing curls.
  2. We take a part of hair from above and we comb them.
  3. This nails are carefully secured with a hair clip and sprayed with varnish.


Beautiful hairstyles with flowing hair to school

With loose hair perfectly in harmonywoven into them a spit-waterfall. It is best to make such hairstyles on medium hair loose. In school with braided so the hair can be sent boldly and proudly, feeling like a real princess. Spit-waterfall can be weaved from two sides, moving from the temples to the back of the head and beautifully to connect them or to braid only on one side. The sequence of weaving this braid is as follows:

  1. Hair must be carefully combed tostrands easily and freely separated from the main shock. When this is done, it is better to fix them in this position with some fixing agent or sprinkle with hairspray. So the hair will be more accurate and last longer.
  2. The first strand is separated from the temple, and the weavingbegins as an ordinary braid. The first binding is made of a strand that is splitting slightly above the face. This upper strand recovers into the middle, then the lower strand also weaves into the middle.
  3. We leave the upper strand alone, it will no longer be needed. Instead of it, a new strand is taken from below to replace the left one.
  4. We continue the weaving. Strands join the upper on the principle of braiding the French braid. The new lower strand is braided into the middle, and, thus, the upper strand is again below.
  5. We repeat the algorithm: we change the former upper strand to the new one from the lower part of the hair.

Scythe "boho"

Simple hairstyles with flowing hair to school

Simple hairstyles with flowing hair to schoolinclude an unusual and original version in the form of a braid "boho", made of bangs or instead of bangs. This braid will easily replace the rim or ribbon. Weave it should be like this:

  1. Hair is divided into 3 strands: the top - the hair from the top, the bottom - the hair from the bangs, and the middle - part of the bangs and part of the long hair.
  2. We begin to weave the hair. After each binding, we add new hair to the locks. The technology is similar to that of the French braid.
  3. Repeat this sequence, not forgetting that the tension of the strands should be the same. So the spit will look more neat.


Light hairstyles with loose hair to school look like this:

  1. The hair is neatly combed.
  2. At the temples take two small strands and tie two knots on the back of the head.
  3. We fix this knot with an invisible elastic band or hairpin.

Such a hairstyle may not be limited to a single knot. The more they are, the more beautiful and more original the hairdo will look.

Elven Tail

Beautiful hairstyles with flowing hair to schoolshould look not only neat, but also gently. Elven tail is an easy-to-perform and very romantic hairstyle. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. We collect hair in the forehead and temples, on the back of the head and head, they remain free.
  2. The collected hair is divided into two parts.
  3. Take a small strand from the outside of the right side and attach it to the left side.
  4. Also on the left side, a small strand is sent to the right.
  5. Repeat these steps in the same sequence.

So it turns out a braid made with the technology of "fish tail".

Light hairstyles with flowing hair to school

Short hair

Hairstyles with loose hair to school canbe very different and unusual, but the easiest way out of the situation is a short haircut. With short hair, you do not have to figure out what to do. Everything is already done, as needed. To add and decorate her image young girl can rim, ribbons, bandages or beautiful hairpins.

Useful habits
hairstyles to school with her hair loose

Make a beautiful hair in the morning - that's not all. The most important thing is that by the end of classes it does not turn into a crow's nest. All women, and not only schoolgirls, should follow during the day for the state of their hairstyle and maintain it in due order. To always be so, it's enough to get a couple of useful habits:

  • The hairbrush should be present in the bag always. Give a couple of minutes of loose hair should be every change and comb them.
  • Wear rubber bands or hairpins with you. Do this in case the hair will interfere or distract from work. In this case, you can quickly and accurately remove them and continue working.
  • Use different accessories for hair. Beautiful pins or bezels will only help in creating a hairstyle and everyday image of a schoolgirl.

Do not forget also that it's beautifullook only healthy and strong hair. They shine, shine and puff with health. But if it is not so, and the shock looks dull and sluggish, and most of the hair is cut off, it is worth considering not about long hair and beautiful hairstyles, but about individual care and treatment. A hairstyle to choose is shorter and easier, until the hair will get their proper shape and appearance.