/ How to braid a pigtail to a child? We twist beautiful pigtails to children: photos

How to braid a pigtail child? We twist beautiful pigtails to children: photos

Sooner or later, girls' moms have a question,how to braid a pigtail child. Also, if you have a younger sister or you are an educator, you just need these skills. This article will tell you how to braid babies.

how to braid a pigtail child

Hair Preparation

As for other hairstyles, before creating thisstyling should be properly processed hair. It is worth noting that the braids do not stick to dirty hair, and the hair will look very untidy.

Before braiding the braids of a child,you need to wash your hair. Take advantage of the usual baby shampoo. If necessary, use the air conditioner. It will facilitate combing and remove static electricity. Dry baby hair better naturally, without the use of heating appliances. If you are in a hurry, you can use a hairdryer, but install it on a cold flow.

So, if the head of hair is ready for packing, then it's time to learn how to braid beautiful pigtails to children.

how to braid babies

A simple braid from the tail

If you have not previously had to weave your hair, then start with this hairstyle. To create it you will need a pair of rubber bands and a comb.

Before you braid the pigtails to the child, comb the hair back and collect them in the high tail. If the length of the head of hear does not allow it, then you can fix the shock underneath, near the neck.

Then divide the hair into three parts and proceedto create a braid. Place the right part on the middle part. Place the left strand on top. The first round was created. Then proceed in a similar way, gradually forming a braid. When the hair is ready, fix it at the bottom with a rubber band.

how to braid beautiful pigtails to children

French spit

If you already know how to braid pigtailschild (a simple option), then you can get acquainted with the technique of creating a spikelet. To do this, you will need a simple comb and a stapler (rubber band or hair clip).

Comb hair backwards. From the base of the forehead, select three small strands. Place the right part on the middle part. After that, take the left side of the hair and place it on top of the created structure. Then you need to enter new curls. To do this, carefully take a piece of hair on the right and connect them to the appropriate strand. Place the folded lock on top of the structure. Do the same with the left side. Separate the small part and connect it to the left strand. Place the clasped hair on top of the braid.

Continue braiding in the same way untilthe basis of the hair. When the strands are finished, add the remaining length to the end and fix the braid with a lock. How to braid beautiful pigtails to children? It is worth using a bright ribbon or an original bow. Begin to weave the accessory into the hairstyle about the middle of the spikelet. At the end of the installation, tie the tape at the base of the braid.

learn how to braid beautiful pigtails to children

The reverse French braid

Recently it has become very fashionable to braidspikelets "inside out". At first glance, the technique of creation seems very difficult, but after a little training, you will learn how to braid braids in children in this way. To create a styling you will need a comb, latches and a little patience.

Carefully comb hair back. Divide the shovel into three parts. Next, you must carefully create a styling. Take the right side of the hair and place it under the middle part. After that, place the left strand under the created structure. The first phase of the weaving has already been created. Next, you need to enter additional strands and continue creating the hairstyle.

Separate a small part of the hair on the right and connectwith the corresponding strand. Put it under the already created weaving. Do the same with the left side. Continue the same way weave the braid until the strands run out. Fix the created hairstyle with a rubber band. To obtain a curvy braid it is necessary to perform several more manipulations with the already made laying. Gently pull the ribs of the braid, making them more voluminous.

how to plait pigtails for children photo

Circular hairstyle

How to learn to braid babies in a circle? About this - further. You will need a comb, a few invisible and elastic.

Carefully comb hair, head downbaby down. After that, select the middle of the shock and divide the hair on the sides. Separate the three thin strands in the middle and start the weaving. Weave the hair the same way as when creating a regular spikelet. With the creation of each rib, complete the braid with new strands, which must only be taken from one side.

The weaving should go in a spiral. The first circle is the smallest, then the diameter increases. When the hair is over, it is necessary to finish the braiding beautifully. Add the spikelets to the end and fix with an elastic band. Lay the scythe in the course of the next circle and fix it with invisible ones.

The braid "Zigzag"

To create this stacking, you must firstlearn how to weave a classic braid and a French spikelet. Otherwise, you simply will not succeed. If you have already mastered the described technique, then you can start creating this type of hairstyle.

Comb your hair back. From one temple, select three strands and begin to weave them. The direction of the spit must go to another temple. Supplement the weaving by adding new thin strands. When the braid reaches the opposite temple, it is necessary to turn it and start the weaving in the opposite direction. On long hair can get up to four turns. Half-length and short curls usually leave two or three weaves. Lock the braid with a beautiful hair clip. If desired, you can weave a ribbon or bow into this hairstyle.

how to learn to braid a pigtail child


When creating any braid, weaving turns out to be more beautiful and neat when additional strands are introduced more times. Try to separate thin curls of the same size.

Each of the described hairstyles can be independentlyto supplement. Many mothers like to braid their daughters with double braids. In this case, two identical spikelets are created from different sides of the head. The technique of weaving here is absolutely the same as in the French version, but it is necessary to observe symmetry.


Now you know how to braid babies. Photos of ready hairstyles are presented in this article. Choose the one that suits you and your princess. Remember that braiding braids are not always obtained from the first time. You may need a workout and some time. Be patient. Use various accessories: bows, ribbons, hair clips and bezels to decorate the styling. Good luck in the hairdresser's art!