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Revitalization of the face - what is it? Preparations for revitalization of face

Stop aging of skin cells is possible, ifturn to a procedure such as revitalization of the face. What is it and to whom is this procedure shown? This will be discussed further. This cosmetic event appeared in Russian salons recently (about ten years ago) and managed to win the favor of women.

Revitalization of the face - what is it?

A woman always seeks to look young andattractive. To help her, was revitalized skin. It is an injection technique for cell rejuvenation. Does not have a long recovery period. Applies to any problem area. The most popular procedure is using hyaluronic acid.

With age, the natural production of hyaluronic acidacid slows down. The skin becomes drier. Wrinkles appear, nasolabial folds, skin color changes. Disturb and other age-related changes in the skin. Revitalization allows for a short period to achieve significant results. It significantly improves the appearance of the epidermis, prevents the premature aging of cells.

After the procedure, the skin turgor increases,wrinkles and nasolabial folds are smoothed, the complexion improves. Significant changes are noticeable after 2-3 sessions, which are carried out with a break in two weeks. In the future, to consolidate the result, cosmetic sessions are held once a quarter.

Types of anti-aging treatment

Revitalization of the face with hyaluronic acid is of two types: medical and apparatus.

  • Therapeutic. Here the drug is injected. Excellent fights with excessive dryness of the dermis and premature wilting of cells. It is enough a couple of sessions to make up for the deficiency of hyaluronic acid. Effectively removes age-related skin changes. During the procedure, hyaluronic acid of mixed type is used, which is retained for a long time in the body and lasts for a long time.

revitalization of the face what it is

  • Hardware. This is a more modern way to restorebalance of hyaluronic acid. The drug is introduced into the human body by a laser. Has a number of advantages over the injection method. This is the speed of the introduction of cosmetic products, the complete elimination of face burn, uniform distribution of energy and deeper penetration of the agent.

Technique of the procedure

Only a highly qualified specialist can perform such a procedure as revitalization of the face. What is it and how to properly conduct a cosmetic session, unfortunately, not all cosmeticians know.

revitalization of the person feedback

Before starting the event, a specialistcarefully examines the skin condition, its features and problems. After this, if there are no contraindications, injects the drug into the problem area. The action of the remedy is directed primarily to moisturizing the epidermis, and only then to restore the collagen and elastin structure. These actions lead to active regeneration and restore the broken dermis.

The result is visible after the first procedure. The complexion improves, the skin looks refreshed, wrinkles are straightened, elasticity appears. Do not stop at one procedure, for a full result you need to complete a complete course.

Injections do not cause pain, but if desired, the surface of the skin is treated with local anesthetics.

Indications for revitalization

If conventional means for care failscope with the signs of aging, then we should resort to such an event as revitalization of the person. What it is, has been described above, and now about who is shown this procedure. So, it is worth thinking about going to the salon, if a woman:

  • especially dry or dehydrated dermis;
  • the zone of the face, neck and decollete loses its former elasticity and elasticity;
  • appeared flabby skin on the hands, abdomen, in the region of the knee and inner surface of the thigh, shoulder;
  • premature signs of aging are noticeable;
  • age changes are observed;
  • dull and gray complexion;
  • age has crossed the border for 30 years.

The revitalization procedure not only moisturizes the skin,refreshing the tone and leveling the surface, but also raise the turgor, make the epidermis smoother and more elastic. Will get rid of stretch marks, scars and hyperpigmentation. Included in many anti-aging programs.


Revitalization of the face (reviews say about the tremendous skin condition, which is observed after the first procedure) has certain contraindications. These include:

  • skin diseases (acne, seborrhea, dermatitis, etc.);
  • violation of the integrity of the skin;
  • severe chronic (acute) infectious and inflammatory diseases;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • herpes;
  • taking medications that dilute blood;
  • autoimmune diseases, especially those where the pathology of connective tissue is observed;
  • oncology;
  • high blood pressure;
  • intolerance to hyaluronic acid;
  • violation of the process of blood coagulability;
  • predisposition to the formation of keloid scars.

In these cases, before using the drug, you should always consult a specialist and wait for a full recovery.

Preparations for revitalization of face

A classic preparation for revitalization is the Ial System. It includes hyaluronic acid, stabilizers and purified water, which serves as a solvent.

revitalization of the face with hyaluronic acid

Applied in revitalization and injection withthe content of collagen, amino acids, nucleosides, etc. The composition of such cosmetics is constantly being improved. To the hyaluronka are added various substances aimed at prolonging youth, beauty and health. Among them are the following drugs:

  • American Juvederm Hydrate. The composition includes both hyaluronate andMannitol, acting similarly to hyaluronic acid. Keeps and attracts a lot of water. It does not split the human body, so this substance for a long period provides hydration and toning of the skin.
  • Austrian Princess Rich from CROMA contains in addition to the main components of glycerin. Does not cause allergies and immunological phenomena, because the body does not identify them as foreign components.
  • The Swiss "Teosial Mesoexpert" from the company Teoxane. It contains such minor ingredients as amino acids, antioxidants, vitamin B6, copper and zinc. It is considered a real cocktail for the skin. It is more effective than pure hyaluronic acid. Not all cosmetologists use it, since it can provoke an allergy.
  • American "Meso Varton" from ABG LAB LLS (New York) is also a cocktail. In addition to hyaluronic acid, it includes various amino acids, groups of vitamins, polypeptide P199. Means magically revitalizes the skin, increases the number of stem cells, tightens the oval face, makes the dermis elastic and elastic.
  • "Teosyal Piursens redensiti." Contains the newest formula of youth and beauty, which includes a patented dermo-restructuring complex.
  • Restylane. ABOUTIt is carried to the classic means of revitalization ("RestylaneVital"). They contain artificial high-molecular hyaluronicum. Enter into the skin layer for a long time absorbable gel.

To date, there are many other drugs that can transform the skin, but experts often choose those that contain only hyaluronic acid.

Advantages and disadvantages

Sometimes has a revitalized face of the hyaluronicacid negative effects. These include allergies and bruises, swelling, papules that appear in some women after the procedure and do not immediately resolve. These shortcomings appear with the wrong technique, if the doctor has underestimated completely the condition of the skin.

revitalization of face hyaluronic acid reviews

Undoubted advantages are a quick result, smoothing wrinkles and nasolabial folds, increasing elasticity and elasticity, tone, improving the complexion.

In this procedure, the result depends on the professionalism of the cosmetologist.

Skin care after cosmetic event

After the salon procedure, the skin does not lookideally. Appear reddening and a slight swelling, passing during the day. There are papules that disappear after 48 hours, and on the neck and neck - after 72 hours. Also:

  • when taking aspirin and other drugs that reduce blood clotting, there are minor bruising at the injection sites;
  • within 24 hours you should not touch the place of revitalization;
  • make-up is applied the next day after the procedure;
  • after a cosmetic session, do not use everyday caregivers, they should be temporarily replaced with anti-inflammatory drugs, such as "Kuriozin" ointment, or "Traumeel-C" cream;
  • on the day of the procedure it is forbidden to go to the sauna, swimming pool, gym, with the solarium should be delayed for two weeks;
  • peelings, masks, physiotherapy sessions and other activities should be held one week after the cosmetic session.

If you follow all the recommendations of the beautician, it will only please revitalization of the person, the photo before and after it proves once again.

revitalization of the skin of the face

Term of the result saving

The effect after the cosmetic procedure is preservedfor six months. This is due to the fact that in the skin, thanks to injections, accumulates a stock of substances that moisturize and restore the dermis. This slows down the aging process and improves the appearance of the skin.

revitalization of the face with hyaluronic acid

Cost of salon procedure

Injectable skin revitalization - procedureexpensive, and the price depends on the drug injected into the skin and ranges from 5000 to 12,000 rubles per shot. Laser revitalization of the face is similar. Here for one procedure on the face it is necessary to lay out 6000 rubles, and if to add a neck and a decollete the cosmetic session will manage in 12 000 rubles.

As a rule, in many clinics and beauty salons there are discounts and promotions are carried out, allowing to save the budget.

Customer Testimonials

Revitalization of face with hyaluronic acid (reviewsthe procedure is said to have an effective effect on the skin) helps to preserve youth and beauty. Many women fall in love with this event right away, they say that after the session the skin is simply not recognizable. It becomes smooth and supple, wrinkles are smoothed, especially around the eyes, and the complexion becomes more fresh. It is claimed that after the procedure there were reddening and swelling, which disappeared in two days.

face revitalization before and after photos

Negative reviews argue that the procedure is notbrings the desired result. They note some positive changes, but for the money that they gave for the beauty sessions, the result could be better.

Experts advise not to get too carried awayrevitalization, as the skin quickly becomes accustomed to this procedure and ceases to produce hyaluronically. And in the future for rejuvenation will have to look for more effective methods, since this exercise will be useless.