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"Global Keratin": description, photos and reviews

A modern novelty and unique component fortreatment, restoration and aesthetic appearance of hair - keratin - made a real sensation in the field of professional and home care for disobedient and weakened locks. Already after the first procedure they acquire shine, elasticity, silky smoothness and perfectly smooth, smooth texture.

Means for leveling hair "Global Keratin"belongs to the most popular in the modern market, it has received numerous positive reviews. The range of products is not limited only to salon solutions. You can purchase Global Keratin for home use. Also, the brand represents additional caring masks, shampoos and even hair dye.

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Description of the tool

Keratin - a type of protein with a highconcentration of zinc amino acids. The effectiveness of the effect is that the hair is more than 87% composed of this element. He gives them strength and resilience. Staining, curling, exposure to temperatures from plaques, ironing and hair dryers lead to a reduction in the amount of keratin in the hair structure, and they become weak, dull and damaged. However, it is not necessary to be upset, as the process is reversible thanks to modern cosmetology solutions and novelties in care.

Keratin for hair "Global" with success will cope withset task. It fills the damaged strand structure, retains moisture in them and gives an amazing shine. During the rectification procedure, the biopolymer composition of the product penetrates deeply into each hair and completely restores it from the inside along the entire length.

Description of the rectification procedure

Straightening of the hair with Global Keratincalled Brazilian. It is carried out both in the cabin and at home. The procedure is quite simple. First, the hair is thoroughly washed with a special shampoo. It will open the scales on the surface of the strands, and thus allow the keratin molecules to penetrate deep inside the structure. Then the hair on the head is divided into 4 zones. In each of them a fine string is taken in turn, and a keratin-containing agent is applied to it, slightly receding from the roots. So all the hair is worked out. After a while, the strands are dried with a hair dryer and straightened with an iron. Heat seals the keratin in the hair. They acquire perfect smoothness and radiance.

Those who performed the procedure with the tool "GlobalKeratin ", straightening is recommended to be maintained by special subsequent care. Wash your hair with a suitable shampoo for this purpose, which does not so aggressively wash off the applied compound. After straightening it is possible to make various hairdresses with curls and waves, with use ploek and irons. The effect lasts about four months.

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Indications for the procedure of hair alignment "Global Keratin"

The method is unique and in doing souniversal. It can not be regarded as an exclusive recommendation only to the owners of curly and wavy hair. The procedure involves not only straightening, but also restoring the structure, intensive care. Suitable for owners of damaged, weakened or unruly hair styling. Experts recommend keratin rectification to those who need:

- Make the hair smooth and obedient.

- Give your hair a well-groomed appearance.

- Restore the structure of the strands along the length.

- Straighten natural curly or wavy hair.

- Protect strands from exposure to high temperatures and sunlight during summer holidays.

"Global Keratin" will cope with all the goals set, regardless of whether the procedure is performed in the salon or at home on its own. You should only carefully follow the instructions.

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Effect and benefits

Unlike other means for straightening,This method excludes the use of chemicals that have an aggressive effect on strands. Thus, the procedure is completely safe. In addition, it is worth noting a number of advantages:

- Significant healing effect after the first application.

- The accumulative effect of keratin in the hair.

- The simplicity of the straightening procedure.

- Preservation of haircut structure and hair volume.

- Elimination of weighting strands.

Straightening with "Global Keratin" giveshair softness, docility, markedly increases volume, facilitates combing. The effect of straightening lasts from 2 to 5 months, depending on the initial condition of the head of hear, as well as on maintenance care using the same line.

Shampoo "Global Keratin"

A series of shampoos surprises with a variety of solutions. Among the most popular means is worth mentioning restoring, moisturizing, anti-dandruff, cleansing, dry, as well as shampoo from the gold line (Gold Line). To each of them you can choose an air conditioner and a caring serum. Shampoo "Global Keratin" contains protein complexes. He not only cleanses, but also cares for the hair, gently restoring their structure.

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Hair dye «Global Keratin»

Due to the demand for keratinousbrand products popularity is gaining and the hair color of this manufacturer. It has an innovative formula, is presented in a wide palette and provides gentle care of locks. Paint is designed for any type of hair. Gray strands are no exception.

Oil paint with keratin contains onlynatural ingredients. They provide its special properties. These include the innovative complex Juvexin, wheat protein, argan and jojoba oils. A palette of 40 shades gives a wide range of styling solutions.

Cream-paint "Global Keratin" is enriched with ceramidesand keratin. Formula Juvexin gives color fastness and effective care. Palette - 85 shades. Maximum duration of coloration with a saturated color. Painting of gray hair - 100%. Cooling effect of paint and a pleasant smell will be an additional bonus.

Color Sealing Color Sealing Machine"Global Keratin" is applied after the procedure and protects from burnout up to two months. The composition includes a complex of Juvexin, natural coconut oil and an antistatic complex.

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Among the variety of opinions voiced aftercarrying out of procedure both in house conditions, and in interiors, positive and even admired responses prevail. Those who are not scared off the price of the products, you can congratulate with a delightful result. The effect lasts about 4 months and requires maintenance care, but smooth, straight, shiny strands of that are worth it. Alignment with the "Global Keratin", reviews about which range from neutral to positive, gives hope to the owners of damaged hair to radically change the situation.

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The American brand exists on the market about 10years, and during this time has won a good reputation, proven by millions of users. The products can be purchased in more than 60 countries. A big plus is the ability to make leveling both at home and in the salon. The naturalness of the ingredients in the products of Global Keratin prompts you to make a purchase, and the positive feedback gives a firm confidence in the excellent result after using this product.