/ How to make a beautiful bunch of hair yourself

How to make a beautiful bunch of hair yourself

Modern beams can be very different:strict and slightly negligent, high or low. All of them are performed in approximately the same way. Therefore, the question of how to make a beautiful bundle of hair, there is only one answer - it's easy! The main thing is to show a little patience and imagination. Today, these hair design options are equally relevant both in the office and on the carpet - for example, Hollywood stars, for example, Jennifer Lopez, often prefer simple and elegant hairstyles-nodes.

how to make a beautiful bun from hair

Knot from long hair

Owners of luxurious curls below the shoulders canto embody on his head the most daring designs. To create a hairstyle with long hair, you do not need special tools: just collect all the strands on top, twist and fasten the studs. To be more convenient, they are better divided into several sectors. How to make a beautiful bundle of hair, divided into strands? Each of them must be screwed into a tight tourniquet, to make beautiful loops and patterns. Curls need to be fixed with the help of stealth and hairpins.

How to make a beautiful bun of medium length hair?

hairstyles with
The most elegant image can be created usingroller. Due to this trick the beam will look bulky and perfectly smooth. If you do not have any special tools at your fingertips, you can use the usual sock. First, fix the hair in the tail, thread them into the hole in the platen. Then evenly distribute them with your hands on the surface of the "pillow"; The tips of the tail should be wrapped around its base. To maintain the hair style in an impeccable form, it is better to fasten the whole day with studs or even sprinkle with varnish.

Hairstyle Options

  1. Especially attractive photoshairstyles, which consist of several beams. To create complex images, the hair should be divided into small strands with a diameter of no more than 2 cm. Locks should be bundled into a tourniquet, tied in knots and fastened to the head using threads that match the color or varnish.
  2. The most popular modern knot stylistscreate by tying the hair in the tail at the back of the head. Collected locks must be tightly tightened and fixed with invisible devices. This is a fairly simple solution to the problem of how to make a beautiful bundle of hair.
  3. For solemn occasions, a hairstyle with rims is suitable.
    photos of hairstyles
    First you need to apply a fixative hairmeans for styling and pull them out with a round brush and a hair dryer. All the strands need to be assembled in a low tail and fixed like a normal knot. Then you need to take two identical rims: the first place somewhere 4 cm from the line of the beginning of hair growth, and the second - retreating 5 cm from the first. Finally, sprinkle your hair with varnish.
  4. The version of the solemn image with a pigtailis carried out in the same way as a conventional bundle with a roller, only you need to separate one strand from the middle from which you can braid a small braid and then fix it in the form of a rose. Distributed hair on the platen rubber band under the roller. And free strands braid in the desired way, wrap around the hair and stab with studs.

Create simple yet elegant hair-beams at home!