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Geometry manicure: photo, options and technique

Those times when women used only onecolor varnish for painting nails, sunk into oblivion, and today nail art is one of the most popular procedures in the beauty industry. With the help of a manicure you can decorate your hands, emphasize your style and make it individual, only thanks to the right design. One of the popular options is the style of geometry. This article has all the necessary information, starting with the choice of lacquer and finishing with the technique of its application.

Geometry. Manicure for fashionistas

Manicure options are really verymany, some of them are complex, others can not be repeated. The main thing is that at hand there was everything you need, and then create a picture will be easy.

To come up with a design, it's enough to rememberlessons of geometry, well, or see the options for decorating the nails in the photo. Lines and stripes, squares and triangles, rectangles and rhombuses or even a combination of several patterns - you have all the geometry at your disposal. Manicure in these cases can be limited only by one's own imagination.

The simplest variants are zigzags, squares and stripes. And although in words it seems to be an inconspicuous design, in fact it turns out to be a very attractive creation.

geometry manicure

A little attention to the shape and length of the nails

"Geometry" is a manicure that posesgirls only one task - the choice of pattern. To some it may seem stupid, but still it is better to follow the length and shape of the nails to make the fingers more beautiful and attractive. First, do not make motifs on too long or short nails. This will only spoil the overall look.

Secondly, if the fingers are broad, plump, notit is recommended that they choose vertical lines. As you know, these strips visually make the nails even larger. All this is only a recommendation, and the choice is always for the girl.

Before creating a design, you need toto take care of your hands. Geometric patterns look equally beautiful in the oval, square and almond shaped nails, so you should not worry about it. The only thing you need to do is to file long nails.

Manicure geometry, photo

The perfect combination of colors

Today, the combination of tones are creative,that is, they choose at first sight incongruous shades. "Geometry" is a manicure, which will be more interesting, if you take a few completely different colors. Also you can choose 2 shades, for example black and white, or tones of different saturation - crimson, violet, lilac and bright pink, or blue, blue, moray and turquoise. In general, in this matter, you can also experiment, how much the soul desires.

Very beautiful design will turn out, if you combine bright colors with pale. Some of them will shade the others, which will make an attractive picture.

Manicure geometry on short nails

The choice of varnish: quality matters!

Cheap lacquers of poor quality for the describedmanicure is better not to take. They dry and dry for a long time, they are inconvenient to impose - which means that they will not be able to create a beautiful geometry. Manicure will be easier to do if you purchase varieties of varnishes:

  • Alessandro;
  • Rimmel;
  • O.P.I;
  • ESSIE.

But gel-lacquer is more preferable, as it will last even longer. Its popular producers:

  • CND Shellac;
  • Artistic Color Gloss;
  • Bio Sculpture Gel;
  • OPI Gel Color;
  • IBD Gelac.

Manicure color geometry

Technique of manicure in the style of geometry: several popular options

First of all, we describe the manicure "Geometry", a photo of which you can see in the article. Make it very simple:

  1. Apply the main lacquer and allow it to dry completely (in this version it is pink).
  2. Paste the triangle with an angle upwards (towards the base of the nail).
  3. Apply a second color (here it is dark blue).
  4. Allow to dry, but not to the end, as the sticker will be difficult to remove. Then shoot it.

Another interesting option involves the delineation of the nail plate with thin strips of ordinary adhesive tape. If possible, you can buy a special one - for a manicure.

  1. So, first you need to apply the main lacquer. For example, white. This color will be the stripes that separate the colored squares.
  2. Further, when it dries, it is necessary to paste thin ribbons as necessary. The design will turn out more interesting if you make these peculiar "bricks" chaotic.
  3. Then you need to paint them with the selected colors.
  4. When the varnish dries a little (not to the end), remove the tape, dye the dividing strips, cover with the base - and the manicure "Color Geometry" is ready!

By the way, it's quite easy to make a rainbow,peeping through black. To do this, the nail plate must be divided into several parts, for example by 3. One edge is colored green, the other - yellow, and the middle can be made scarlet or red. When the varnish dries, you need to again use a sticky thin tape. You can make three diagonal strips or more, and also horizontal or vertical - in an arbitrary amount. Apply black lacquer, allow to dry and remove the tape.

Manicure "Geometry" for short nails can be done and so:

  • color the nail plate in white;
  • glue two shiny tapes for manicure - one in the middle, the second a little higher to the end;
  • paint the middle part with a silvery varnish, and the lower one with a black one, so that a black jacket turns out.

Geometric design is the style, beauty, creativity and attractiveness that every girl can create at home!