/ Mouse hair color. How to get a mouse hair color

Mouse hair color. How to get a mouse hair color

Now at fashion shows, social gatherings andmovie premiers can be seen many girls with a natural and unusual shade of hair, which is incredibly popular this season. Mouse hair color is also called gray-brown, a couple of recent years is at the peak of popularity. He replaced the burning red and burning black color.

mouse hair color

Who will approach this solution?

Mouse color is quite universalhair (photo is shown below). Suitable for young people, as well as elegant women who have crossed the age-old age line. Some people like its light shades, but someone prefers a dark tone. Some bold girls conduct experiments and add to the main bluish and violet hues. Mysteriousness of the image is attached to the mouse hair color with a silvery ombre.

It is worth noting that, despite its universality, this shade is very capricious. Before the procedure of dyeing hair, it is desirable to study the natural color of the strands and the condition of the scalp.

mouse hair color photo

Light colors of mouse color are perfectemphasize the beauty of porcelain skin of the face. The image becomes mysterious and light. But with uneven skin and rashes it is better to refrain from staining the strands in gray shades. But girls with blue and green eyes will approach a slightly dark version of this color.

It is extremely rare to find a natural mousehair color. Paint in this case is a wand-rod for women. But to choose a shade it is necessary extremely skillfully, after all incorrectly picked up tone will spoil appearance. Do not be afraid of experiments only girls with fair skin and the same eyes.

The combination of mouse and graphite emphasizesbeauty of a cold deep color. For owners of tanned chocolate skin, its shades will only add age and stress vulgarity, which is not very good.

Important aspects of this color solution

A mouse hair color is considered dangerous and capricious.This is what? In fact, if we talk about the natural tones of hair, then it is rare enough. Because, of course, it does not suit all the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. If you still want to get this shade, then first you need to consult with the wizard, see examples and photos from the catalogs. Mouse color is rather whimsical, and instead of a deep aristocratic image one can get the most unpredictable result.

how to get mouse hair color

Gray-brown tone of color palette is very dangerous.And do not rely on commercials with the participation of famous people who tried the effect of color on themselves. The choice must be approached very carefully, observing all the rules and taking into account the nuances.

Natural nuances

Light brown hair color is common. And its shades are obtained thanks to the natural pigmentation of human hair.

How to get a mouse hair color (gray-light brown)?You can achieve this shade only if you have your own natural light tone. With the existing coloring or melirovanii it is desirable to level the tone, that is, make the strands monophonic. Otherwise, in different parts of the head, the strands will have different colors. There are various versions of mouse color, which are now very popular among women, because they look stylish and attractive.

Features and options

Experts say that mouse hair colornow popular. All due to the fact that naturalness returns to fashion, and what can be more natural than blond curls. A combination of gray-brown and ashy is considered a trendy one.

mouse hair color, paint

Ashy - a specific tone, and skilful andcorrect use of it helps to achieve an effective image, which is proved by celebrity photos. But it is worth noting that it is difficult to achieve the depth of the mouse in combination with the ashen. Here it is necessary to take into account certain rules for coloring hair.

In addition, gray mouse hair color balances a facet of a smooth transition into a reddish hue.

Light shade

Light shades are achieved only with a gradual lightening of the strands or with toning. The final color of hair depends on the quality of the paint, the basic shade of the curls, and also the experience of the hairdresser.

An attractive variant of a gray-brown tone of strandsis a blond with a grayish tint. If you are naturally dark-blond color, then achieve the above shade is not difficult. To do this, do not even use chemically active dyes. It is enough to use such folk clarifiers, as lemon juice, chamomile broth and infusion of saffron. A stylish light shade of mouse color was possessed in due time by such eminent stars as Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift.

Mean pitch

The average tonality achieves only thanks toto the original discoloration of the hair. Toning of strands is considered to be a fixative. With a wheat or other light color, a simple toning is sufficient.

The gray-brown color of the middle tonality is characterized by cold depth and a certain silvery accent.

Dark shades

To achieve a darker version, it is necessary to use coloring agents that are used for basic strand processing.

gray mouse hair color

Most often these are dark shades with a reflection of silver and a deep ebb of gray. It is important to find a qualified master.

Features of coloring

It's not easy to get a natural mousehair color. How to achieve this effect? This is, perhaps, a popular question now among representatives of the female half of humanity. After all, this tone has been at the peak of popularity for several years now. The result of staining is largely dependent on the underlying shade of the strands.

mouse hair color how to achieve

If previously curls were painted, then it is necessaryproduce a color wash: red shades are washed off for 3 procedures, and black - for more. A complicated process is the extinction of warm photopigmentation.

With this task ordinary paints can not copewith shades of mouse. They include pigments, which can only paint the initially light strands. But neutralization of warm pigments is beyond their power.

Therefore, to achieve the desired result, a microston is used - a special means for pigment quenching.

How to animate a mouse color?

The gray tint is quite faint, soit is desirable to dilute it a little by means of melioration, coloring or ombre. This will give the strings an unusual overflow, and the face will only look younger. Unusually, such a combination looks on thin strands.

Also do not be afraid of cold lightshades that can dilute well the gray-light brown. For example, staining in the style of "silver fox" looks spectacular in women who have crossed the age limit of forty. In addition, the mouse hair color perfectly conceals gray hair, and silver tints add to the image of refinement.

mouse hair color, this is what

Young people like avant-garde ombre, which consists, for example, of a mouse color and an unusual violet tone. Most successfully looks in this color combination of haircut "quads."

Care for colored hair

Unsurprisingly, dyed hair needsa special daily care and this is not surprising. Painted strands are a separate type of hair, as well as curly, curly or dry hair. If mouse shades were achieved by discoloration of the curls, then they can be restored with the help of keratin or moisturizing masks.

In general, now it is fashionable to restore strands withusing keratin. And these masks are very effective after staining or discoloration of the curls. When dry, the lash is difficult to fully revitalize, but you can, of course, rehabilitate. For this, shampoos and masks with a high keratin content are used.

Women resort to the help of staining for differentreasons: someone is dissatisfied with his natural natural color, but someone wants to add originality to the image and style, to be reincarnated, to be renewed. And nothing changes the appearance of women like a change of hair color. Correctly chosen shade makes the image vivid, attractive and unforgettable.