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Eyelash extension. Effects of building. Natural effect

In our world, to create and maintain a femalebeauty there are so many methods and institutions. There are so many things that you simply do not know whether you need it or not, but you want to try everything. A great popularity among girls enjoys such a procedure as eyelash extensions. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of chic eyelashes. That's why it was invented to increase this beauty. In this article, we'll talk about what this procedure represents. Consider how the eyelash builds up, the effects of build-up. And also what technologies are used in the procedure and how it passes.

eyelash extension effects

What is eyelash extension?

Everyone has heard about building up, but very few people know what it is. Eyelash extension is the artificial creation of their volume and length with the help of artificial cilia. There are two types of building up:

  • piece, or Japanese;
  • beam build-up.

Before doing such a procedure, you need to make a diagnosis, find out if you have any contraindications. They can be, if you have:

  • increased sensitivity of the eyes;
  • tear;
  • blepharitis.

If none of the above problemsyou do not, then you can safely do eyelash extensions. But before doing this procedure, we suggest you to find out what is eyelash extension, the effects of building up. All this will be described in detail below.

Methods of building

In this section, we describe, and also show the effects of eyelash extensions, the photos of which will be presented below. There are the following enhancement effects:

  1. A whitish effect.
  2. 3D effect.
  3. Natural.
  4. Puppet.
  5. Cocktail can have a different decor.
  6. The fox effect.
    effects of eyelash extension

Eyelash extension

Effects of growth, which are presented inlist above, are made according to the wishes of the client. Let's look at each individually. Especially this will help those who want to increase eyelashes for the first time.

  1. The whitish effect is suitable for women with thickand long eyelashes. Most often it is used to further emphasize their natural beauty. Long eyelashes are built up for ¾ century, and the rest - short.
  2. 3D-effect is suitable for those who have their own ciliadark, but not very thick. When using this method, 2-3 artificial ones are glued on one's own, thus the effect of magnification is obtained. At work use eyelashes of a premium-class.
  3. Eyelash extension.The natural effect is to achieve maximum similarity with natural. The method itself is to build up eyelashes of the same length as your own, on the inner corner of the eye and on the outside. At thin eyelashes of the client it is necessary to make a skeleton in the thickness of 0,2 mm and only then it is possible to start escalating. If the master is a professional in his field, he can combine two different lengths by alternation.
  4. Definitions of the "puppet effect" generally do not exist, but when you get the result differently it can not be called. Not only the upper but also the lower eyelashes are enlarged, which creates a look, like a doll's.
  5. Cocktail effect is mainly done for models or for some kind of event. It is not suitable for everyday wearing, since the length of the eyelashes is very large, plus a different decor is added to it.
  6. The fox effect involves the use of three different eyelash sizes. The greater the difference, the better the effect. This method is not recommended if you have watery eyes.

eyelash extension natural effect

Take care of your eyes

As you noticed, eyelash extension, effectsbuild-up can be very diverse. Whatever method you choose, you need to constantly make correction. Otherwise, you lose a beautiful appearance and can get problems with the eyes. You can wear these eyelashes no more than six months, and then take a break for 1 or 2 months.