/ How to apply the highlighter? What is a highlight in cosmetics?

How to apply highlighter? What is a highlight in cosmetics?

Many people probably already know whathaylayter in cosmetics. This is a modern means for highlighting some areas on the face and body. It is used to emphasize the relief of the face, mask small wrinkles, visually refresh the skin and give it a seductive glow. With the help of haylayter, you can visually change the shape of the nose and lips, make the cheekbones high, and the eyes - bright and expressive. Coupled with this cosmetic product is often used bronzer, which gives the skin a more tanned appearance. How to apply the highlighter correctly to get the desired effect? This will be discussed in this article.

how to apply highlighter

Heiliter and bronzer

How to apply highlighter and bronzer?If the first means illuminates individual parts of the face, the second is designed to simulate or emphasize the natural tan. Bronzer is shiny and matte. Brilliant is good to use as a blush, and matte is useful in order to adjust the face oval, for example, to hide the second chin. Bronzer and the high roller are used to sculpt the face, giving it a bump and expressiveness.

how to apply highlighter and bronzer

Choice of means

First of all, it is necessary to select competentlycosmetic. It's not so easy. Some haylaytery shine too much, others have too intense pink shade. By trial and error, you can pick up the product that is right for you.
Hailers are liquid, creamy, in the form ofballs or compact powder. Selling brush-tubes with balls or powder inside. For owners of normal and dry skin, liquid and cream products are suitable. If the hilayter is correctly applied, the face will seem a little wet. Girls who have combined or fat skin, it is better to use compact kinds of decorative cosmetics - powder or balls. They have a matting effect.

what is a highlighter in cosmetics

Preparing for applying makeup

First of all, it is necessary to level the tone of the face, forit is necessary to impose on it a base and a foundation. Then moisturize your lips with a special balm. The bruises and circles under the eyes mask the corrector. Its color is chosen depending on the hue of the problem areas. Violet circles are better covered with a yellow tinge, reddish - green, blue circles are best camouflaged with orange. Do not overly thicken the corrector, this will make the make-up unnatural. For older women, special concealers are suitable, they have a more subtle consistency and often contain moisturizing ingredients useful for mature skin under the eyes. Young girls can get by using ordinary voice-frequency cream. Now you are ready to learn how to apply the highlighter to different parts of the face and body.

how to apply highlighter

Main application points

Around eyes

How to apply a highlight under the eyes?To refresh the look and mask the signs of fatigue, we apply particles with a reflective effect over the corrector. You can put a little glare under the eyebrow, this stroke will make the look more open. However, if you have overhanging eyelids, this step is better to miss. The volume under the eyebrow will make the defect more prominent.


To visually arrange close-seteyes, apply the highlighter to their inner corners. This technique will make the look radiant. If the eyes are placed too far apart, place a small highlight on the middle of the nose. Small, narrow or deep-set eyes will become more expressive if held by a highlighter in the middle of a rolling age.


The most favorite method of makeup artists is to applylight-reflecting particles on the upper points of the cheekbones. This will immediately make the face oval more expressive and give the face skin radiance and transparency. The main thing here is not to overdo it. Do not apply to the entire vast area of ​​cheekbones and cheeks, otherwise the shine on the face will begin to catch your eye.


If you need to draw attention to the centerface, you can put a flare on the back of the nose. This will make it more elegant, but it should be remembered that if the nose has even the slightest curvature, the highlighter will make this defect even more noticeable. If you need to visually increase your nose, apply a thin, unobtrusive glare around its side parts.


A thin line drawn by the highlighter along theupper lip, will make its contour bold and expressive. A neat highlight on the middle of the lower lip will give it extra volume, and your smile will be irresistible.


How to apply the highlighter on the chin tomake it more expressive? It is enough to put on the middle of the lower part of the face a small neat highlight. Too high chin sticking out is not worth it.

Decollete zone

In the summer season, the seductive brilliance of highlighterwill emphasize the elegant curves of your neck and décolleté. Especially effectively, the product looks on tanned skin. To apply a highlight on this zone, use a large wide brush.

face hailer

Best manufacturers

The face and body liner is produced by manyfamous brands. Cosmetic means "Shimmer" from Collistar contains four shades: white, bronze, golden and pink. By mixing the primary colors, you can create the most delicate halftones, suitable for your skin. MakeUpForEver uplight has a rather thick consistency and two types of filling: large and smaller glitter. Shining base "Cherie ma Cherie Make up base Illumination" has an excellent moisturizing effect, it is well applied as the main tone on dry skin. This liquid and persistent highlighter looks very natural on the face. It has two main shades - pink-gold and pearl. A unique and irreplaceable product is the "MAC cream color base". It can be used as a make-up base, and as a highlighter. Pearly shade "PEARL" is especially good. Put it on the protruding points of the face and quickly get the desired effect.


What is a highlighter in cosmetics? This tool is designed to emphasize the individual zones on the face. Reflective particles will give a light shine to the skin, which will make your natural beauty even more attractive. It is not necessary to emphasize all specified sites by the hylayer. From this person will acquire an unnatural glossy luster, which does not adorn him at all. How to apply a highlighter on problem skin? This should be done with great care, as the tool does not mask shortcomings, but, on the contrary, makes them more visible to others.