/ / The process of marketing research as a tool for obtaining objective information about the state of the market.

The process of marketing research as a tool for obtaining objective information about the state of the market.

In a modern market, a phenomenon such asmarketingovye iccledovaniya, have become a routine method for obtaining information on the structure and needs of the economy in certain tovarah.Protsess marketinogovogo study usually consists of the following: oppedelyaetsya ppoblema and tseli iccledovaniya, oppedelyaetsya actually potpebnoct in ppovedenii mapketingovogo iccledovaniya.Chtoby oppedelit potpebnoct in ppovedenii mapketingovogo iccledovaniya each The organization should regularly conduct mono-ringing of the foreign economic system, using a specially developed mono-piston system for such cases.

The problem is determined.If it is clear, it is easier to solve the problem, then this will be the main key in order to conduct a thorough market research process. Usually, when the process of marketing research is being conducted, one can clash with such problems: the problem of managing a rating and the problem of the most exploratory research, that is, the means and methods of conducting it.

The objectives of the prospecting process are documented.The aim of the marketing exercise is the out of the identified problem. With the help of methods to deter this goal, it is possible to compile data of this nature that are necessary to ultimately solve this problem. A clearly formulated goal allows us to build a process of marketing research in such a way as to reveal all irrelevant information and to cut it down to provide The manager can solve the marketing problem without being distracted by minor details. The goal must be accurately documented, be affordable, and must also be capable of measuring and evaluating the levels of its deter- mination.

How the company's marketing plan is developed. Methods are chosen to carry out the process of marketing research. When choosing the method for choosing the method by which prospecting will be carried out, this is the company's marketing plan, its initial stage of development. Throughout the next stage, taking into account pecypic possibilities, the most expensive nabobs of these methods are chosen. The type of data is determined and the sources of their use. Whenever a market research process is conducted, data is used that is generated on the basis of the primary and secondary information.

The methods of compiling the information during the implementation of the marketing application are divided into such groups: the quantitative and the valid information.

The quantitative analysis usually givesc a different type of control, based on the use of the contra-indicated type, on which virtually every pecuner does. the methods of the polls themselves are also subdivided into a free poll and a limited one. A free poll implies questions of a general plan when the interviewed respondent has the opportunity to express his opinion, for example, on the issue or problem. The restricted type of interview implies the formulation of questions that can usually only be answered by "yes" " or not".

The main applications include cobs,Analyzing and interpreting information, by watching what people do and says. The sampling is an illustrative illustration of the general co-ordination. The data of the planning of the data are being collected. Data of the mapping exercise, as usual, are being replaced by the largest pacxodes, it is the main source of practically every arising error. When the statistical data are collected, it causes several main problems. There are no pecuniary pecunts in the established places, they are reconciled or replaced. Others can be told to co-operate. Some provide a preemptive or well-known false answer. With the help of computational and telecom- municational technologies, information systems are capable of being developed in a short time. It should be borne in mind that the marketing of manufactured goods is also an urgent process.

Data are ana- lized.This marketing application is included in the analysis of information gathered in its own right and the fulfillment of a particular query. The researcher provides information in the table and conducts its analysis. The interpretation of a plural peptide and its predecessor is predestined for the preparation and presentation of exclusive reports.

When the reconciliation is completed, itthe answer must be transferred to the person concerned. At the request of the customer, the recommendations may be accompanied by recommendations on overcoming the problems that have arisen.