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Aggressive marketing: methods and examples

In today's world, marketing plays a very important role.role in any business that you can imagine. If you want your business to be successful, you will have to seriously think about which marketing strategy to choose. But there are a lot of these strategies, so the choice is not so easy. To facilitate it, this article will tell you about one of the most effective, but at the same time the most complex marketing methods. Immediately keep in mind that for its use you need to have certain traits and be ready to constantly improve in what you do. As you could already understand, it's about aggressive marketing. What it is? How does this marketing differ from soft or passive? Why is it so difficult to learn and use? Aggressive marketing is a whole philosophy that requires you to have impressive skills and serious effort, but in return gives an incredible result.

What it is?

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So, in the first place, of course, you needto understand what aggressive marketing is. At first glance, it may seem that there is nothing complicated in this. The principle is quite simple: you need to follow the precepts of Julius Caesar, who said that you need to come, see and conquer. The same should be done in the framework of aggressive marketing, which implies the absence of long negotiations, attempts to gradually incline potential client in your side, arrange him to himself and so on. Aggressive marketing suggests that you will do everything quickly, dramatically and effectively. Respectively, the purpose of such marketing is to quickly and clearly get A necessary result that can not be obtained if you act more gently.

Features of aggressive marketing

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Regardless of whether you are talking about retail, wholesale or network aggressive marketing, the features of this approach usually remain former. First, it can be used absolutely in any direction, since it gives a result always if an experienced marketer is engaged in it. Secondly, the process of selling is much more subtle and unusual, than in any other case, so the hand of a real professional is needed to succeed. Accordingly, hence the fact that the majority marketers can not cope with aggressive marketing. The fact is that this type of marketing opens up all the weaknesses of a specialist that can be hidden during the negotiation process in the long run. Respectively, the marketer must have the highestqualification and be able to competently act in the most urgent situations. As you can see, methods of aggressive marketing are effective only if the marketer is a real professional in his field.

Use in practice

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About aggressive marketing you can tellvery much, but immediately it is worth noting the fact that in the modern world in reality it is used extremely rarely. The reasons for this are already described above.

This method is an extremely difficult, and if you use it withoutappropriate skills, it can only lead to negative results. But this does not mean that no one at all uses aggressive marketing. Examples of it can be found both in Russia and abroad, and in this article, as an example, the activities of DialogueMarket will be taken.


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Many believe that DialogMarket is an ordinary call center, which deals with the provision of standardvirtual secretary services, technical support and so on. But in fact, employees of this company use methods of aggressive marketing, thereby trying to achieve the optimal result in the shortest possible time.

And this company is incredibly often able to achievethis result, which characterizes it from the best side. But due to what? If you study the activities of DialogMarket, you can identify several distinctive characteristics of their activities, and at the same time aggressive marketing as such.

Distinctive features and advantages

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The first advantage of this approach is the workwith an unprepared client. What does this mean? This means that the marketer is in contact with customers who were not ready to meet with him. Accordingly, he achieves incredible success, as he can manage this client at will. But in this situation it is very important to be able to do this, not to give the client a chance to understand how to resist aggressive marketing. That is, it is necessary to ensure that the client said yes before he has time to come round and say no.

Secondly, the big advantage is that you can get the result instantly, which greatly facilitates life. You do not need to negotiate for months, try to convince the client, offer him options, fight with competitors. This strategy is different lightning fastness, and if it is used competently, the results will be striking.

Thirdly, it is worth noting that this approach is extremely unconventional, and therefore it is effective. Many customers do not expect this approach, so they become victims of aggressive marketing. And this is all its charm. However, he also has shortcomings, which are mandatory is worth to tell.


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The most the main disadvantage of aggressive marketingis the difficulty of this method. The point is that in this case it is necessary to constantly dominate, act quickly and confidently, and if you do not have the opportunity to act in this way, then you can not use aggressive marketing, even if you are a real professional in sales and promotion.

The tools of aggressive marketing are domination, rigidity and speed, and without them you will not succeed, so choose in this case milder forms of promotion.


 aggressive marketing spelstra

If you read a book about aggressive marketing SpalstraYou will quickly understand how it isis effective. It's worth mentioning separately that this type of marketing is ideal for sales, as 44 percent of successful cases fall on this sphere. Also, great efficiency can be achieved in the areas of advertising and branding, but you should remember about the peculiarities of aggressive marketing in order to achieve maximum results.

What does aggressive marketing do?

So, if you sum up the results, it is immediatelynote that it allows you to seriously affect the success of your business. Most importantly, his dignity lies in the fact that he gives a lightning result. You do not need to wait, try, fight with competitors. You find a potential customer, you are working on it, and result can be either positive or negative, buthe, one way or another, will be received immediately. It is also worth noting that companies that are starting to use aggressive marketing correctly, quickly see sales growth compared to what was used with softer forms. Also, you can save a lot of time and leave behind all competitors who do not dare to move away from typical promotion schemes.

Qualities of aggressive marketing

Well, the last thing to look at isquality, which distinguishes aggressive marketing. This is activity, perseverance, ambition, intensity, unconventionality and domination. These qualities must also be present in the marketer, who plans to engage in an aggressive form of promotion. Softness, indecisiveness and other similar features have no place in aggressive marketing.

Now you know what the giventype of marketing, and therefore you will immediately have a desire to use it. But do not hurry, practice shows that only 12 percent of the marketers succeed. To get into these 12 percent, you need to be properly prepared.