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Walmart Network: What is it? History, features, services

Walmart - what is it?The name of the company more and more appears on the lips of people and the web. For 10 years now it has been the most extensive supermarket chain in America. The management of this giant is constantly looking for new markets, and gradually the brand is being mastered in various countries.

The secret of success is very simple:the company adheres to the knowingly winning policy of low prices. This allowed very quickly to settle in any city and forced competitors to cut prices. Despite the huge decline in the value of the goods, the profit indicators go up all the time.

History of Walmart

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Sam Walton, the founder of the largest US networkWalmart stores, opened its first store immediately after serving in the army, September 1, 1942. The money he received from his father-in-law as a loan immediately after the wedding.

It was a small institution with a franchise ina town with a population of 7,000 people, but it became so popular and profitable that the owner did not extend Sam to the franchise. He decided that he was just lucky to find a good place, hence, further business can be conducted without him.

A young American received invaluable experience andTogether with his family moved to an even smaller town and opened his own store, which was called "5 and 10 cents." Then there was the second, the third, and after 5 years there were 24 of them, and the total profit of the family was $ 12,000,000.

The founder of the young company made a decisionto win small cities, because in megacities was too much big and serious competition, but fortunately for him, the mother "sharks" were unimportant small and remote settlements.

This strategy, combined with a policy of low priceswas so winning that by 1979 the number of stores with the name Wal-Mart had reached 230, and the revenue was more than one billion. In 11 years the company became one of the largest, and in 1992 its founder received a medal from the President of the United States.

To date, the turnover of fundsthe brand exceeds 400 billion dollars. For decades the company has been guided by the Save Money principle. Live Better, which translates as "Save your money. Live better. "

Walking in the supermarkets of Sam Walton, you can see that at least a third of the products presented are produced by completely unfamiliar brands, but names that are known all over the world can not be found.

The fact is that most of the price is brand fame, which contradicts the company's policy, because the cost of most goods tends to the manufacturer's price.

What does Walmart mean?For most of their customers, this is the place where you can buy what you want, at a price that no one else has. The family atmosphere attracts people of different ages, and they no longer want to go to other stores.


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Now Walmart can offerextremely huge range of goods for any needs. You can choose stylish clothes from famous brands, as well as more budget options. New models of the season, trends of the past - almost everything that comes to mind, is in the catalog.

Household appliances, computers, tablets and othergadgets. The products of companies such as Apple, Samsung, Asus, are next to no-one brands. The company offers everything for home and garden, beauty and health, cars and their repair.

Regardless of age or gender, each person will find what is needed and will remain satisfied. The assortment constantly grows and replenishes with novelties and products from little-known firms.

Producing countries

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In the catalog of Walmart (Canada), as in others,you can find special notes "Made in USA", which means that the goods were produced directly in America, and not in any other country, and collected in the territory of the United States. There is a product from a variety of countries, but the largest partner and supplier, of course, is China.

Due to the fact that the main principle of the company -low prices, the products of the Celestial Empire can not be more suitable for fruitful cooperation. If there are any doubts as to the quality of the offered goods, there is always the opportunity to review the reviews left by real customers.

Discounts and promotions

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Walmart - what is it?In a literal translation, this is the territory where, despite the very low prices of already favorable offers, the administration of supermarkets and online stores constantly offers stunning promotions and discounts that can be random or be tied to a particular event.

For example, "black Friday" is known throughout the world- sale of grandiose scale. Especially on this day there are mind-blowing offers that make consumers just go crazy and behave in an inappropriate way.

Also, the "commodity of the day" campaign is very popular. On a product for the whole day is set very low cost, so you can decently save.


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In Walmart Stores pay for their purchasescan be in any convenient way. The only difficulties that can arise in the payment process are related to the transfer to another country. But even in this case, managers are always ready to come to the rescue and provide advice.

The management of the company constantly adds new methods of calculation and improves the available ones. Therefore, to purchase goods in such a supermarket is not only profitable, but also convenient.


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Another service that Walmart offers.What it is? A large staff allows you to sort, pack and ship the order to the customer extremely quickly and without any delay. The only downside - they do it only in the United States. Pleasant news - if the purchase amount exceeds $ 50, then the delivery will not cost a penny.

If you need to arrange delivery outside the US, thenfor these purposes, there is an industry of forwarding companies, which for a fee will bring almost anything and anywhere. But when working with such intermediaries, it is worthwhile first of all to read reviews about their activities, because a large number of scammers are thriving in the network.


Online store Walmart - what is it? A convenient and fast platform, which makes it possible to place an order in the shortest possible time. It does not need to go anywhere or do anything at all. Just a couple of clicks - and the goods will go to the specified address.

All you need is to have your own account. For this it is enough to pass a very simple registration. In the window you will be asked to subscribe to the distribution of offers, shares and other news of the company. After that, the system will prompt you to enter the delivery address and payment details. It is important that when filling out the delivery address and the payer's address coincide, this will avoid some difficulties in the future.

These fields are filled once, then all purchaseswill be made for a couple of clicks, which allows you to save time. For safety of the entered payment data it is possible not to worry, because the system is reliably protected from various kinds of threats.

Walmart in Russia

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The management of the company constantly makes statements about thethe importance of the Russian market and the long term. In fact, several attempts were made to extend its network to the territory of the Russian Federation.

The first steps in this direction were made in 2008. After the registration of the subsidiary company and the opening of the Walmart office, Moscow became the first city in which a successful American brand appeared.

The first attempt to create brandedsupermarkets on the basis of the existing network of "Carousel" was not crowned with success. The giant's leadership did not abandon attempts and in the same year tried to acquire other hypermarkets. But this deal did not take place.

In 2010, the last attempt was madeintroduction to the Russian market by buying a chain of stores "Kopeika", but then on the way became a major domestic retail X5 Retail Group, which was the first to buy out all the property.

At this the leadership of the American company adopteddecision to suspend expansion. If you believe the statements of representatives of Walmart, the US giant will certainly try again to "conquer" the Russian market and only waits for a suitable time.