/ Average check. Cash receipt. What is the average check in marketing

Average check. Cash receipt. What is the average check in marketing

Monitoring and monitoring of indicators are not necessaryonly large enterprises. If a small store or HoReCa institution plans to gain a foothold in the market and have a permanent planned income, you should definitely keep an account of such a parameter as the average check. This indicator will give information on the depth and breadth of the assortment, the efficiency of the sales staff.

How to calculate

The average check, the formula of which is simple and understandableeven an amateur, is calculated easily even by a layman. Revenue for a certain period, divided by the number of checks for the same period, will yield the desired result. It is important to consider the level of inflation, changes in the purchase price and mark-up on the product. If the dynamics is positive, the store works efficiently, if it is negative or zero, it is necessary to look for the reasons for the recession. The cashier's check may decrease in the amount, for example, during the sales period. Particular attention should be paid to goods that generate the most revenue, monitor the behavior of competitors with respect to these products and analyze their dynamics in their store.

Cash receipt

Determination of problems with the average check in the store and ways to solve them

In average, the check does not exceed 4-5 goods.The share of checks with purchases from 1 to 3 is gradually approaching 50% of total sales. The increase in commodity turnover was less than the level of inflation, or in the event that the increase in commodity turnover is observed when new stores are opened. Buyers are in the trading room for a short time, and some departments do not attend at all.

It is necessary to analyze the location of bothstore, and departments, the layout of goods, the dynamics of sales during the day. Analyze the structure of the assortment, prices, turnover. ABC is carried out - the analysis of sales, during which the assortment is considered, the most common positions, the products that are stored, and the one that is the most profitable are identified. Assess the need for changes in the layout of the store, if necessary, create routes through the trading hall, installing shelftokery and hang signs with pointers for ease of orientation in the store. Create or modify a planogram and, of course, prepare special offers for your customers.

Average check in the store

How to increase the average check

1. Increase in the mark-up.If there is a unique offer and there are no direct competitors, this will be the simplest and quickest solution. However, a very small number of companies can boast such an advantage. For most products there are analogues. Therefore, if the retail price is increased, it will be necessary to improve the level of service and improve the service. And this is additional costs.

2. Optimization of the assortment.A category manager in conjunction with merchandisers can review the structure of the assortment, the principles of purchasing policy and merchandising. The occupation is difficult, laborious, time-consuming.

Tactical ways to increase the average check

1. Use of the principle of complementarity.Many items assume the availability of additional goods. This principle can be taken as a basis for the laying out of the goods. Thus, acquiring one product, the buyer will pay attention to the second, supplementing the first, there is a high probability that he will acquire it, which in turn will increase the average check in the store.

2. Harmonization.Use ready-made solutions, demonstrate to buyers what products and how they can be combined with each other. For example, in the case of clothes on a dummy, the buyer has a desire to buy an image entirely, rather than individual items. In this case, the average cash receipt will grow.

Increase average check

3.Offer to "delivery" the goods of impulse demand, located in the cash zone. Estimate whether there is a small inexpensive product in your shop at the settlement point, which the buyer takes automatically, approaching the checkout. Also, you can duplicate the layout of small, but running goods in the center of the room, in addition to placing it on the counter.

4. Presence of gift certificates or discount cards. Close contact with corporate clients allows you to increase sales on pre-holiday days, as well as attract new customers.

5. Establishment of a terminal for non-cash payment. Customers who pay by credit card spend more than when paying in cash, therefore, an average check will increase.

Average Check Formula

6.Attention to buyers on more expensive products. Sellers should switch the attention of buyers from a cheap product to a more expensive one gradually. Employees of the trading floor should be interested in selling a more expensive product. Perhaps you should enter a material incentive for employees when selling a certain amount of expensive goods per month.

7.Inclusion in the range of inexpensive products with a large margin. It is not difficult to offer a cheap product, it will not be difficult for sellers to sell it, in addition to stimulating them it is not necessary. Inexpensive goods will attract buyers to the store, who will buy more cheap goods than originally planned.

Stimulating actions as a means of increasing the cash receipt

Special offers are another way to increaseaverage check. Carrying out the actions "Gift for purchase", "When buying 2 positions 3rd for free", discounts at certain times of the day, sales. Such actions help to establish trustful contact between the store and the client and leave a pleasant impression for the buyer. Also, when carrying out incentive actions, the conversion increases, that is, the number of people who leave the store with purchase increases. An additional opportunity to obtain contact details of the client, which in the future can be used to disseminate information about the actions carried out by the store.

Increase average check


As a result, the trade enterprise will increaseturnover due to the increase in the number of purchases in the cash receipt. There will be a decrease in the share of small checks and an increase in the share of the average, which indicates the effectiveness of both merchandising and staff work. In addition, the number of impulse purchases will increase, if the assortment and the layout of the goods are optimized. And in the basis of positive dynamics - the average check!