/ / STEP analysis and its importance in the development of the company

STEP analysis and its importance in the development of the company

Today there is a large number oftechniques, allowing to plan correctly the marketing strategy of the enterprise, both when entering new sales markets, and when expanding its production. One of the most important components of any market research is the STEP analysis, which collects information about the main factors of the external environment that directly affect the population, its preferences and business opportunities.

STEP-analysis of the enterprise is extremely necessary for him,since without considering the external environment, it is pointless to talk about the objectivity of research on the market of goods and services. That is why many years ago, leading Western marketers and identified this analysis as an important factor when taking into account the overall direction of the development of the enterprise. The name of this analysis came from the English abbreviation STEP, or rather from the first capital letters, which mean the following environmental factors:

  • Social Socially significant factors;
  • Technological Technically significant factors;
  • Economical Significant factors;
  • Political factors.

It is important to understand that STEP analysis is not easyallows you to take into account external factors, but also allocates them to the category of such areas that the firm can not influence. They should be taken into account and used for their own purposes. As an example, we can cite the situation in which McDonalds was at the time of the opening of its first office in Moscow. Then the vast majority of people, although they heard about this network of snack bars around the world, however, never seen anything like it. That is why on the first day of the opening, there was a big stir, and in McDonalds for the first time in its history a huge queue arose. This situation is clearly characterized by the fact that the company did not fully take into account the social and political aspects, since in the post-Soviet space the opening of the first American diner looked like a real holiday. In general, this boom went to the company only for the benefit, however, forced the marketers to take a more responsible approach to further planning their strategy in order to avoid further queues in the future.

STEP-analysis allows using a number of advantages due to which the enterprise can successfully compete and conduct trade and economic activity. So, these are the advantages:

- when working with STEP-factors, both the leader and his subordinates begin to not only talk about the external environment, but also gradually start thinking about it;

- the collective develops a culture of accounting for various factors of the external environment, as a result of which there is a vision of the external environment and macrofactors;

- as a result of studying the external factors, the marketing analyst is building a picture of their holistic perception;

- in the process of thinking about the external environment inFor a long period of time, the employees of the company develop a stable habit of giving external factors much more attention than to internal moments.

STEP-analysis is quite simple, however,the main thing in this business is the development of a proper approach to the general analysis of the external environment. With a systematic approach, employees of the marketing department develop a common vision of the enterprise's perspective and evaluate its activities in terms of achieving possible outcomes. STEP-analysis on the example of the enterprise makes it possible to identify strong and weak factors of influence, using which you can plan tactical and strategic actions for the near and long-term development of the company. This explains the great popularity of STEP-analysis in modern companies.