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Trend of the Season - Knitted Dress

Today buy women's clothing will not be difficult and even more: eyes run away from the proposed range, and I want everything at once. In order to not make rash purchases, so that purchased clothes are not dusted in the cabinets, you need:

  • Develop your own style (or create it if someone more like this wording);
  • to acquire only those things that are necessary, but, not succumbing to temptation, to buy up half a store, guided by discounts or some overwhelming feelings;
  • when making a purchase, clearly imagine what elements of your wardrobe you will wear a new gizmo, in other words, give preference to the basic elements of the wardrobe;
  • always follow the rule: "it is better to have less (outfits), but qualitative";
  • do not forget about suitable footwear, stylish accessories, because they help to diversify the outfit, place accents.

What is in fashion today?

The trend element of the women's wardrobe seasonautumn-winter 2012-2013 is a knitted dress that many well-known designers have made their bid: Anna Sui, Victoria's Secret, Kenzo, Fendi, Yves Saint Laurent, as well as domestic representatives of the fashion industry. Knitted dresses from the manufacturer - fashionable, stylish clothes, characterized by high quality, originality and, importantly, very comfortable and convenient.

What should be knitted dresses?

Fashion couturiers unanimously declare thatknitted dress this season should be bright. Give preference to the following colors: green and its shades (emerald, dark olive, swamp), blue (electric color, cornflower blue), purple (eggplant, violet, purple), burgundy (all kinds of wine shades), all "variations on the theme" of brown . In addition to color, the print is important. The models with geometric, ethnic, "animals" and abstract patterns are actual. The hit of the season is a fitted knitted dress or a model of a loose cut knee length, with short or long sleeves, or three-quarter sleeves.

Tips for combining

Knitted dress can be worn solo. If it's cool, but you want warmth and comfort, put a cardigan, waistcoat, blazer or jacket on top. Fashion legislators recommend wearing knitted dresses with dense colored tights (play with flowers) or even trousers (slender girls are quite suitable for wide models of trousers). If your dress is monochrome, focus on large beads or bracelets. Thin straps will give "vintage mood". Use colored leather or suede belts, compared to previous seasons, they "moved" from the hips to the waist.

Try this wonderful dress at least once, and you will not want to part with it!