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Fashionable skirts of 2013 from famous designers

The skirt is one of the most popular and important things inwomen's wardrobe. If only a few years ago, women were not ready to forget about such comfortable trousers and jeans, now beautiful and fashionable skirts again become favorites, despite the variety of things. This is not surprising, but quite natural: the skirt is universal and can be used in every image.

Skirt-trapezium - the ideal model for every girl

Fashionable women's skirts in the form of a trapezoid literallyfilled the catwalks of the spring-summer season 2013. This universal model, sitting on the waist and slightly widening downwards, emphasizes feminine elegance and attracts men's looks.

Skirt-trapezium looks great for a variety oflength. Short, up to the middle of the thigh, skirts designers offer to use not only for walking, but also as one of the clothes for office. Carolina Herrera combines fashionable skirts with pleats at the bottom of calm, gentle tones with shirts and jackets. Such an image will perfectly suit for warm weekdays, combining both strictness and lightness.

Fashionable women's skirts

These fashionable skirts for full girls willan indispensable option. The ideal length for them is half palm above and slightly below the knees. An interesting variant is Carven - in front of the skirts has an arc-shaped shape, and they are painted in different colors.

Fashionable skirts for complete

Trendy skirts of minimal length

Mini skirts are more often found not only inordinary life, but also on the fashion podiums. Different shapes and colors, they open beautiful, slender women's legs, and with properly selected clothes do not carry a single drop of vulgarity.

A strict mini one-color bright color, sitting exactly at the waist, from Victoria Beckham superbly emphasizes the feminine silhouette, making the waist thin, and the thighs lush and "tasty."

Fashionable skirts

Fashion skirts from Isabel Marant - this is the realpiece of art. The designer produces a large number of short models, using as the main tissue thin skin. Bright, bright, with ornate patterns; skirts with a scent, with folds, with flounces, and each of them with decorative elements in the form of rivets and rhinestones - among this stunning selection any girl can find her own, ideal model.

Fashionable skirts

Fashionable curvy skirts

A lavish skirt is always beautiful. Regardless of its length and model, these fashionable skirts always carry a certain amount of coquetry, combined with feminine romanticism and softness.

The curvy skirt from Balenciaga is an easy fabric,falling down to its knees and gently "floating" while walking. Using contrasting black vertical lines on a light background lengthens the silhouette, making the girl visually slimmer.

Fashionable women's skirts

Skirts Karen Walker carry in childhood - fabricsgentle tones with interesting patterns in polka dots, a narrow belt, in the middle of which an elegant bow is attached. With a moderate and calm top this skirt model does not turn a woman into a doll, but gives it playfulness and lightness.

Fashionable skirts

Skirts presented in the collections of designers"Spring-Summer 2013" - nothing more than a sample of femininity and tenderness. The variety of models, shapes, lengths and colors allows each representative of the weaker sex to make the right decision in the matter of choosing her ideal skirt.