/ / Street fashion summer-autumn: the latest trends 2013-2014

Street fashion summer-autumn: the latest trends 2013-2014

We often watch a variety of shows of famousdesigners. They are surprisingly beautiful and unusual things for everyday wear. We admire beautiful clothes, criticize her and often misunderstood images. Nevertheless, popular couturiers and designers dictate the most fashionable standards for the next season. Back in the 70s a direction appeared, which was called street-style. In translation it sounds like "street fashion". At the beginning of the creation, only sportswear was included in it. Constantly evolving, this direction eventually absorbed all everyday, comfortable and unique things with elements from popular couturiers.

Street Fashion

To my great regret, today street fashionlost the natural nature of the creation at the root. Now it looks more like a stage show. If earlier fashionable and unusual things were worn by all people, now it's just a staged photo session.

Nevertheless, it is necessary and important to understand the fashion of the coming seasons, since they are the main reference points for well-known brands. Let's now get acquainted with the most fashionable trends.

Street fashion (summer 2013): photo

This season the street-style has become more stylish,refined and bright. This can be traced to the example of actors, singers and dancers, who try to dress attractively and fashionably. Famous designers conduct experiments, combining accessories with contrasting details of the 80s. Nowadays, graphics and prints are often used on T-shirts, T-shirts, jeans, skirts. They are perfectly suited baggy tops, T-shirts.
This combination echoes the fashion of the 80s. The main task of designers is a bold presentation of the brightest, contrasting hues and colors.

personal fashion summer 2013 photo

Of course, street fashion includes all clothing,which is able to distinguish a person from an ordinary-looking crowd. A special role is played by colors: monochrome, mix, print. The choice of these or other shades depends on your taste and style.

Street fashion autumn

Do not forget that street fashion should reflectyour mood, harmoniousness, individuality. This will help to gain self-confidence. Try to experiment yourself, to make you bright and bold street fashion.
Amazing fashion

Street Fashion: Autumn

Autumn is the time of new trends. In today's world, no one is shocked by the thin dresses peeping out from under the baggy jackets. Even in cold weather, the wardrobe should consist of the main unique details that will play an important role in the style. In rain and cold it is fashionable to wear bright contrasting hats with various patterns.

Warm scarf
A long unusual scarf will not only be able to warmyou, but also add to your image a daring note. The same effect will give all stoles, clutch, clutch-envelopes collars. By using and combining fashion items together, you can definitely become a special person in the faceless crowd.
Stylish Bag

Never be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Clothes will help emphasize the benefits of your figure, posture, create your individual image, character. Let's experiment with fashionable things 2013-2014!