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Pants for fat - what are they? Recommendations for women

Who said that a fat woman can not lookstylish, elegant, fashionable and feminine? Most of the owners of magnificent shapes themselves are cornered: some completely refuse to wear trousers, believing that they fill them even more, and go through life in skirts, while others believe that skirts and dresses are the only clothes in which they can look attractive. Both are wrong, but today we'll talk about which pants for full thighs are recommended to make the figure more slim, highlighting the virtues and, of course, hiding the flaws.

trousers for full

What pants to buy can not

Firstly, the holders of outstanding forms(however, like the rest of the ladies) in any case you can not buy clothes for a smaller size, even if you are firmly convinced that you will go on a diet from tomorrow. Size in size - and no way.

Secondly, trousers for the full - does not meanshapeless trousers. For some reason, many are convinced that they will hide all the shortcomings and make them slimmer. No! Even if they are black, such pants are capable of creating even more extra volume, making the figure heavy and shapeless.

Third, trousers for fat women should not befrom "vyalenkoho" thin jersey, say, like a losin, fitting all your lines. If you really want, then over these trousers must necessarily be a cardigan or a long blouse to the middle of the thigh or almost to the knee. Also contra-indicated are trousers for full of fabrics with sequins or fabrics with some shiny tint, such as an atlas.

trousers for fat women

Fourth, it's better to forget about models with a low waist, as they overtake the belly, thereby exposing it even more to public view.

What is left?

And everything remains that does not contradictthe foregoing. Very nice look pants for full ladies with arrows, as visually make the silhouette above, slender, creating an additional vertical line.

When making your choice, give preference to trousers withhigh waist and make sure that there are no horizontal folds in unnecessary places - otherwise you took either not your size, or the thing is made poor, and, therefore, you do not need it. A high fit will provide a good frame of the abdominal area, visually reducing it. The same task is performed by a coquette on the front of the trousers.

The fabric should be sufficiently dense forcool weather or an office, such as a jersey, is better with a stretch effect, since it will pull and hold the shape better. For summer it is better to give preference to cotton products, and flaxing flax to leave in the store.

trousers for full thighs

And, finally, the style. Pants for full women can be straight or slightly narrowed to the bottom. Can tighten the upper part of the thighs and slightly be flared from the knee. Pants of medium width, straight from the hip, will also look good. Hide the fullness of fashionable for more than one season of pants, free in the groin area (due to tucks) and slightly narrowed to the bottom.

And the last thing: no matter which model you prefer, the length of the trousers should not be short, it's better if they reach the middle of the heel, the presence of which is highly recommended.