/ Fashion of autumn. Fashion trends autumn-winter

Fashion of autumn. Fashion trends autumn-winter

The coming autumn season brought not onlyslush and rain, but also long-awaited fashion shows. New trends have been identified, and I want to know how to update my wardrobe to stay in trend even in cold weather. This year, designers have worked on the glory, and such a variety of styles and trends, which now offers a fashion of autumn, was not long ago.

fashion autumn

Choose a style

Outrageous boho does not leave the podium for severalseasons in a row. Fashion designers suggest wearing colorful ponchos, coats and jackets made of wool or dense knitwear, made in this style. Complex geometric shapes and colors from dark red to black give the models an unusual look. The Seventies again returned to the catwalks and reigned on them. Juicy, bright colors, suede and velvet, free silhouettes with trimmings in ethnic style, fringe and layering - these are the main features of a fashion retro.

autumn-winter fashion

Once again, a slightly forgotten style returned to the stagemilitary. And along with him on the podium march glam-rock. Leather jackets, vests, trousers, decorated with metal rivets, chains and accessories, will be in trend this season. In contrast, a doll style that emphasizes the tenderness and fragility of the girl is presented.

autumn fashion for women

Feminine, intriguing and sexy lookthings in the "false nude", which offers the evening fashion of autumn. Provocative cuts, covered with flesh-colored inserts, attract attention. For lovers of austere style, there are a lot of things done in the spirit of the Victorian era. Clear lines and luxurious finish will not leave indifferent even the most exquisite fashionista.

Colors, shades and prints

Animal coloring won the fashion shows of thisseason. Leopard, zebra, python - this is not all the prints that girls can choose. Continue victorious procession of drawings and ornaments in the ethno style. Many eminent designers offer them in their collections.

Fashion trends autumn-winter

The fashion of autumn traditionally assumes a palettegray, brown and other inexpressive colors. But this season, designers offer to depart from the usual standards and continue the summer riot of colors and in warm clothes. At the height of the popularity of clothing red shades: Burgundy, sangria, Aurora. No less popular are models of purple and purple flowers. Young audience will like clothes in bright, almost poisonous lemon or orange shades.

Fashion Autumn Photo

Pastel colors are more relevant than ever for a warmseason. On the catwalks were noticed jackets, raincoats and coats, with muffled flowers of a delicate rose, mint candy and turquoise. And as always the fashion "autumn-winter" could not do without a cage and a popular black.

Topical clothing styles

Each fashion season has its own distinctiveThe features expressed in both small things and in revolutionary ideas. This autumn has not become an exception. Fashion for women is expressed in the length of dresses and skirts, we will cover the sleeves, the trousers, shorts and a common silhouette. This season, the trend was voluminous outerwear, which allows to hide both imaginary and real shortcomings. A lot of soft folds, lack of clear lines and drapery delighted critics, and with them and fashionistas around the world.

Skirts or dresses, coats and coats, whichsuggests to wear a fashion "autumn-winter", became a little longer than last season. At the peak of the popularity of the model to the knee or midi, and ultrashort skirts are best reserved for the warmth of the year. The best model is a dress-case or with a smell. No less popular are the styles in the form of a sweater or shirt. For trouser-lovers designers have prepared classic models of shortened length, as well as puffs and bananas, and wide styles, which the lush ladies love so much. After all, thanks to them, you can visually stretch the silhouette and hide excess volumes. Separately it is worth noting the appearance on the podiums of trousers-shorts, which resemble flared skirts.

Fashion Autumn-Winter Photo

Outer clothing is represented not onlyclassic coats or fur coats, but also textile and leather jackets with medium or short length. Such models are performed in a bright color palette, usually decorated with insets of beautiful materials and furs and conquer the hearts of millions of women of fashion at a glance.

Men's fashion

Autumn prepared for representatives of a stronghalf of humanity a lot of surprises. First of all, it's worth noting trouser styles. They can be either classical, ultra-narrow or incredibly voluminous. A special glamor is to wear a jacket under a jacket or coat. This method is appropriate not only with classical things, but also with a wardrobe in a sports style.

men's fashion autumn

The main shades of this season will be calmnatural shades of gray, black, blue and white. If you want to stand out from the crowd, it's better to choose models with interesting and provocative decor, prints or ornaments. As in women's fashion, the cell plays a leading role, but it should be remembered that this pattern visually increases volumes and gives squat. It is necessary to look critically at the features of your figure, so as not to look fashionable, but ridiculous.

Fashion - Shoes

Autumn of this year offers shoes with pointedor, conversely, a softly rounded shape of the sock. High boots, shoes, boats, losers, boots-stockings - you can choose a model, based on your own preferences. No less popular open shoes, made of thongs or resembling sandals, as well as boots without a rear shaft or with perforations.

fashion shoes autumn

With such footwear, designers are recommended to wearWarm socks or pantyhose with trousers. The platform and the protective sole are quite popular this season. As always, the trend shoes are classic brown, black, gray and white shades, but you can find quite colorful models that evoke memories of summer.

fashionable accessories

Bag bags are the most popularModels, which offers a fashion of autumn. Also pay attention to capacious handbags with short handles. They should be carried as close to the body as possible. Small cases or handbags, painted in bright colors and made of reptile skin, are considered quite fashionable for this season. In the trend of retro-valise, small clutches, decorated with embroidery or stones. In principle, any fashionista will be able to choose an accessory for an individual style, based on her own taste.