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Straight dress and its features

Straight dress first gained popularityabout a century ago and is still in demand among the fairer sex. Agree that the outfit, which resembles a rectangle in shape, is almost every girl. And all because this style of dress is universal: it will fit any figure and hide faults, and you can put on such a dress for a party, a job, and a walk with friends. The main thing is to choose the right color, length and combination with footwear and accessories. How to do it right?

straight dress
Remember that such a dress itselfminimalist, so you can endlessly carry out experiments to select ornaments and additions to, in other words, to create your own unique image.

The classic dress of straight cut is likea single-colored robe that will help create an elegant image. So you can get dressed for work or a business dinner. Supplement the image will help classic shoes, rectangular bag and discreet decorations. When creating this image, you should not abuse conservatism, modesty in clothes can be compensated for by means of bright make-up or manicure. Again, it all depends on the circumstances in which you will stay.

Today, a dress with"Animal" print, supplemented with sandals or sandals. Often a straight dress is worn by leggings, which makes the look more youthful and fresh. Actual in the present time, and direct dresses with floral prints in combination with voluminous bags. At the same time, shoes can be very diverse. Depending on what kind of shoes you choose, your overall look will change. In fact, everything here is individual: if you are a tall girl, it is better to give preference to shoes at low speed, if, on the contrary, you need to add a few centimeters, choose shoes with heels.

straight dress photo
Whatever pictures are in fashion, always and everywherea direct dress will be welcomed (photos in the article confirm this) of light and unconstrained colors. This outfit will be just a rescue in the summer heat, and at work you will feel not only organically, but also comfortable.

White straight dress can easilyturn into a wedding. In fact, wedding dresses of direct cut are becoming more popular, because the simplicity of shape and cut allows you to decorate it to your taste: rhinestones, beads, beads and other elements of decor. If the future bride loves minimalism, you can choose the most simple white dress and go straight to the crown.

dress of direct cut
Fans of experiments should know what isdress can be worn as a tunic or a long T-shirt with trousers. So, the same dress can be used for different images and styles. Stylists recommend to combine a straight dress with one more hit of the present - a collier-collar.

Whatever dress you choose, you probablyyou will look stunning in it, if you can correctly choose shoes and accessories. This should be guided by general recommendations for your type of figure and growth. With a straight dress to make it very simple. Do not be afraid to experiment, and you will always be on top!