/ The most successful skirt styles in a cage

The most successful skirt styles in the cage

This color is always fashionable, and relevant, and attractive. Especially with monotonous turtlenecks, sweaters or jackets, even modest styles

skirt styles in a cage photo
skirts in a cage look stylish and elegant. Since such a pattern, as a rule, is rather bright in itself, its combi partner can be restrained. To Scotch, red or black turtlenecks, green blouses or white jumpers are perfect.

The classic styles of skirts in a cage are a pencil or a light flare.

skirt styles in a cage
Also popular are models in pleat or pleated. If the cell is bright colors or large, it will hide any flaws in the figure. In general, we can say that such a piece of clothing is needed in any wardrobe. Young girls fit skirt styles in a cage in the style of college, that is, a short plisse of a plaid. They look great with white blouses and modest black sweaters or turtlenecks. Quite original look with high leg warmers or knee-highs. The skirt in a cage (midi and maxi styles) can become a detail of an elegant business suit. And with oblique cutting (diagonally), it beautifully streams and hides the small secrets of the figure, for example, plump legs or hips. Belts or coquette, which decorate the skirt styles in the cage (photos are presented in this article) are often made monophonic, for example, from a black corsage band, elastic bands. Sometimes they are probable and in a straight line. Long models look great with slipper-boats, with high boots. By themselves, the shapes of the skirts in the cage are usually made as much as possible
crocheted skirt
simple: flared, flipped, penciled or folded. They do not require any additional hardware, frills, ruches, although if desired, you can sew and lace, and leather braid. If a cage of pastel, modest tones, it will look great large monophonic buttons (for example, on a coquette). Ornament can serve and a usual suede or leather belt.

The skirt on the hips is attached, as a rule, to the corsageelastic braid. Lace or frills fit for a feminine, coquettish style. But for an elegant costume, the skirt styles in the cage should be as simple as possible. Combi partner (jacket, vest, sweater) it is desirable to choose a plain color. Exquisite looks great jewelry, for example, a locket, pendant, bracelet or beads of color on one side of the cage. This skirt is quite simple to care for, universal. In any wardrobe: from the sports-youth to the exquisitely-feminine - there is a place for it. If we sew this skirt on our own, we should remember about the correct cutting. The cell in the joints must coincide. The most difficult to successfully choose a pattern when cutting on the scythe. The hem should preferably be left even. You can make this skirt asymmetrical, but the fewer details (ideally one cloth, that is, a pleat or pleated), the easier it is to sew and fit the pattern. That is why wedges (for example, year) are not recommended for such a pattern, except that the cell will not be large. Otherwise it will be necessary to adjust the drawing in such a way that the lines do not break. A secret or ordinary lock must be selected according to the color of the cell that is in the area of ​​the fastener.