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Hippie style in clothes

Own style is desire and skillcorrectly and harmoniously combine the things you like with each other so that they create an ideal ensemble and favorably emphasize your status. To date, there are many styles in clothing, both modern, youth, and retro. There are also styles for all time - the invariable classics.

Youth styles

One of the most popular styles among young people today,hippie style in clothes, which since the beginning of the existence of this culture is dying, then reborn again, attracts to its side more and more generations of lovers of free morals. And, if in the time of the hippies, not only clothing was a sign of belonging to the subculture, but also the way of life, the desire to leave the society and create their own rules, today the picture has changed dramatically.

To date, this style has remainedexternal image. And basically they try to capture it on photographs, arranging thematic photosessions. Hippie style in clothes is long loose hair, ribbons, wreaths and headbands, "ragged" jeans, colorful dresses, sarafans, wide trousers, loose translucent blouses, lack of underwear and, of course, a large field, flowers, marijuana and binge. Hippie style in clothes is also evident in the presence of three-dimensional accessories: bags over the shoulder, earrings, pendants and pendants with various symbols.

To the so-called youth styles, concernsclub style of clothes, combining a frank sexuality with a light shock. Club style is an abundance of shine, cosmetics and brands. But it is still possible to look elegant and chic in club clothes. The main thing is the rejection of all labels and excessive tinsel. This applies to both the male half of humanity and the female one. The clothes should fit perfectly in the figure and do not strip off the juicy parts of the body, but only hint at them. The ideal female image for the club will be a small cocktail dress, just above the knee with a drape at the waist, a round neckline at the bodice and a large neckline on the back, in the form of a spider or lace. Shoes should be comfortable, with an open toe, on a small stud. Make-up should be minimal, because by the end of the evening you risk discovering a cosmetic swim in all directions. In his hand - a small comfortable clutch, and on the wrist - a few bulky bracelets.

Club style, like the hippie style in clothes, does not apply to everyday, because it is too extravagant.

How to find your style?

In addition to those listed, there are, so-calledInformal styles in clothing, practiced mainly among teenage subcultures or musicians. Wondering which style of clothes suits me, every self-respecting modern teenager, a young man or a girl, tries to experiment, trying on different styles and images, imitating each other and hoping to find something of their own, unique. The lesson is not simple, but very exciting and, if desired, quite realizable.

First of all, you do not need to blindly copy someone'sstyle, for example, his stellar idol or girlfriend. You need to learn how to choose, snatch the necessary details and then, as a puzzle, try to collect from this whole picture. You need to start with the basic things and choose what really goes for you. You should be careful with accessories, because you can easily cross the line and turn into a "crow." If possible, avoid vulgar and frank outfits that look cheap and tasteless. Do not be afraid of experimenting with your appearance and something new. If you think that you will have a different hair color or haircut, act.

Finding your own style means leaving your unique trace in this world and, perhaps, it will be useful to someone in the future.