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What is a bolero and how to tie a bolero with a crochet

Fashion designers recently very often offer a lady's half of humanity to include in her wardrobe bolero. What is it?

To begin with, this clothing is borrowed frommale Spanish national costume, which was a short, not clasped sleeveless jacket. But, transformed by the design idea, the value of the bolero somewhat expanded. Clothes remained the same short (the length of it usually falls just below the chest), but it has sleeves of all possible lengths and widths, collars of any style, as well as ties or fasteners, as very simple - on the hook or button, and very original, intricate and creative.

Material for bolero sewing is very diverse: cotton, knitwear, organza, fur, and it is also possible to tie the bolero with a crochet or knitting needles.

Bolero models are widely represented in collectionsfashion houses Chanel, Gucci, Pollini and many others, and not for nothing, because these clothes, like no other, can give the female image elegance, nobility and completeness.

They wear bolero with tops, covering nakedShoulders, light sarafans, evening and cocktail dresses-bustier. This kind of clothes is ideal for summer office style, giving the necessary severity to the light side. A very important property of the bolero is that this part of the wardrobe can hide the small flaws in the figure.

If you have turtlenecks and cotton tops,we recommend to make a bolero with a crochet - in an ensemble with jeans, leggings or a skirt and shoes, without fail, with high heels, it will make the image inimitable and elegant.

Self-link bolero crochet quiteeven very beginning knitters, you just have to pick up a not very complicated model. It will be very beautiful, like a bolero with a short sleeve crochet, and with a long one. If there is a question about the density of knitting, it will be more appropriate to look openwork crochet bolero than dense, but this is already the choice of who will wear it.

In retail, you can buy a lotmagazines for needlework, offering on their pages schemes for crocheting bolero, with detailed descriptions and photos of finished works. All would be well, but very often these schemes and descriptions contain annoying typos or important omissions, without which an inexperienced knitter is firmly stuck in the middle of work and openwork crochet bolero jumps into a long box for many years, and the hunt for such experiments disappears forever.

To prevent this from happening, it is imperativewe recommend that you consider and disassemble the scheme with someone more experienced in knitting, and preliminarily enlist his subsequent help in the work that is necessarily required. It is necessary to analyze each step of the knitting pattern from the very beginning of the work and to its completion, together with the master, and only if everything is clear, start working.

For the first product, even if the bolero is plannedwith a short sleeve crochet, you should get the thread is not thinner than the suitable hook number 2 or 3. At this thickness, the pattern knits quickly, comfortably, easily visible and the product is not thick.

Another tip for beginners to bolerosit turned out to be right, it was not great or little, it follows from the paper, it is possible from an ordinary newspaper, to make its pattern. Usually, the product is knitted with one cloth - shelves, sleeves and back, and then sewed along the line of sleeves and sides. Centimeter tape measure your body volume in the chest area and divide in half, mark this value on paper. Next, up, measure the length of the product - it will be the bolero back, then in both directions make the marking of the desired length of the sleeves. Tape measure the thickness of your hand at the shoulder and add a few centimeters (this is to ensure that the product in the future does not sting under the armpits) and mark this value in the drawing. At you the drawing will already remind, something similar to the shirt laid out on a table, but only very short. The drawing is completed by the fact that the width and length of the shelves are laid on it, which are the same size as the first back. Now, when knitting, attach your product to the drawn drawing - they must match.

Linking your first bolero, believe me, you will experience an incomparable tide of pride and joy, and wearing will give such pleasure, as no expensive thing.