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Wedding bolero - a highlight in the attire of the bride

Wedding in the destiny of every girl is unforgettablesolemn event. Pleasant pre-wedding troubles, festive vanity, choice of wedding dresses - and this is just the beginning of excitement on the eve of a grand celebration. What is most important for the bride? That's right, her wedding dress. After all, dreams come true, and only at their own wedding an ordinary girl turns into a dazzling beauty to the queen of the ball. Elegant dress, tender veil, white shoes and - wedding bolero. It is this accessory that is now relevant in the fashion world.

wedding bolero
If the wedding is scheduled in the cold period,of course, bolero gently cover the shoulders, protecting the bride from a possible cold. But this additional element not only serves as a symbolic defense, it beautifully decorates the dress, giving the entire wedding room a special charm and style. Bolero is a removable part, so with it you will get two wedding attire at the same time. With a cloak, for example, you will have a romantic photo shoot in nature, and having exposed your fragile shoulders, you will look great dancing your first dance with the groom.

In addition, the wedding bolero ideally fits the figure of any girl: slender - hone the figure to the ideal, and a little full - hide the flaws and visually correct the rounded shape.

wedding dresses with bolero
Beautiful lace cape will cover toofull hands, and some skin imperfections will make it invisible to others. After all, many girls are experiencing about youthful acne, pigmentation on the back, although in this case the wedding make-up will do a miracle.

And, of course, the wedding bolero is the bestsuitable for a wedding in the temple, because in this sacred place you need to adhere to the traditions: strip the neckline, the back and shoulders can not. Today, wedding salons are full of defiantly open models of dresses, and here you will always come to the aid of a stylish and practical cape.

How to choose a bolero for a wedding dress

Aerial snow-white bolero, harmoniously matched to the main along, will suit even in the summer. Exquisite lace, beautifully delineated bust and delicate waist - all the merits of the bride must be emphasized on this memorable day.

Picking bolero to a wedding dress, it is necessary to consider some nuances.

bolero to wedding dress

1. The cloak should match the fabric of the dress, its pattern and style. That is, if a dress made of light, flowing fabric, bolero should emphasize the tenderness, lightness and femininity that are conceived by the designer when creating this style. Therefore, an openwork lace cape fits.

2. If the celebration is planned for the autumn-winter period, a more dense wedding bolero, for example, a satin dressed with weightless swan's down, will suit. The bride in such a luxurious cape will look amazing both in reality and in professional photos. Carefully selected other "winter" accessories - brooches in the form of crystal snowflakes, long delicate gloves will add mystery and charm to the image.

3. Fashionable styles of this year are magnificent bolero from opaque fabric (cashmere, gabardine). These capes perfectly complement the wedding attire of the bride in late summer or early autumn sometimes.

4. A wedding cape from always stylish guipure, original lace, transparent organza or delicate tulle will make the summer wedding outfit irresistible and fabulous.

Wedding dresses with bolero - an ideal option for a modern bride. After all, to dazzle your beauty and charm, you need to create a unique, perfect image.