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What to wear with high waist jeans? Advice to girls

In the wardrobe of a modern girlthere are jeans. Fashion constantly dictates its demands. So now you can see a lot of models of these pants. They can be: classic, straight, narrowed, with low and high waist, narrow, stretch jeans and others.

Interesting model

Jeans with high waist is one of the popularvarieties. Her belt line is strictly at the waist or slightly higher. This model of jeans has certain advantages, such as: it visually reduces the waist and makes the figure more slim, feminine and attractive. But it is necessary to know that the narrow jeans of this style will suit girls slim with straight legs. But the owners of magnificent shapes or those who do not have perfect legs, fit free models. They will allow to hide such shortcomings of a figure, as a protruding belly and sides.

Before deciding what to wear with jeans withhigh waist, it is necessary to find out which models, colors, exist. The first thing you should pay attention to is the width of the trousers. They are narrow, wide and flared downwards. The choice of model depends on the type of the figure. The second thing to consider is the quality and thickness of the fabric. The product of dense matter will help to correct the figure, to hide small flaws. Thin summer fabric can not cope with this task. Therefore, it is better to put these models on to slim girls.

What to wear with high waist jeans? Photo and description of interesting combinations

what to wear with jeans with a high waistline

The model shown looks very good withhigh heel. Therefore, it can be worn, depending on the style, with sandals, ankle boots on high heels, high boots, slippers-boats. Narrow models look stylish with sneakers, sandals.

Classic style

What to wear with high waisted jeans forcreating a classic, business style? Answering this question, you can advise to work and wear everyday socks to choose shirts and thin blouses of straight cut both white and blue. If you tuck the shirt inside the trousers, then this will help to emphasize the waist. For this style, straight jackets to the hip, elongated cardigans and classic coats are suitable.

Jeans at different times of the year

The right solution for a warm period will be the combination of these jeans with T-shirts, T-shirts and shortened tops. In this case, T-shirts and T-shirts must be refilled inside.

what to wear with jeans with an inflated waist in winter

In order to find out what to wear with jeans withhigh waist in cool weather, it is not necessary to follow fashion trends, it is enough to combine your favorite warm clothes. With these pants, short (up to the waist) sweaters, sweat shirts, turtlenecks, pullovers and boleros will harmoniously look. And also straight jackets. From accessories you can choose belts, braces, neck shawls of bright colors. Accessories will help complete the creation of a stylish image.

what to wear with jeans with high waist photo

If you stick to the choice of your style, thenyou need to know what to wear with jeans with an inflated waist in winter, as different types of trousers are combined with outerwear in different ways. So, pants-klush very stylishly look with an elongated straight coat, and straight jeans - with short fur coats to the knee and fur vests. But jackets, down jackets and parks are perfectly combined with any models. When choosing a winter footwear for jeans, you must remember that tight pants should always be tucked into the shoe tops. If the trousers have wide trousers, they do not wear them with boots.

Combinations for fragile ladies

There is a difference in what to wear with jeans withoverstated waist to thin girls and full. For owners of fragile figures in the selection of clothes for pants with an overstated waist there are no restrictions. Very good will look fitting figure top. But you should follow one rule: it is that any top should not be above the waist. Since in this case the silhouette is lost.

Variants for girls with shapes

Lush girls fit straight models. To compose a successful ensemble you need to determine what to wear with jeans with an overstated waist full of girls. In order to look slimmer and slimmer, you can make an ensemble of jeans and a classic fitted jacket.

what to wear with jeans with an overstated waist to thin girls

Under it you can put on a top, blouse or a turtleneck. A tunic up to the middle of the thigh, a denim jacket or jacket will be the perfect solution for a lush girl. An extended cardigan and shoes with heels combined with jeans will give slenderness to their possessor. If desired, you can make a lot of options for full girls. Therefore, they are encouraged to safely wear such pants.

Evening image and style Casual

Creating any stylish image, it is worthwhile to drawattention to what to wear with jeans with a high waist. For the evening toilet it is best to choose narrow models and wear them with shoes on high heels, boleros or fur vests. Finish the image of a handbag-clutch.

what to wear with jeans with an overstated waist full of girls

For Casual style (casual style) for jeanswear sweaters, fitted jackets made of material that differs in quality and color, simple shirts tucked in, combined with vests (but not jeans). In order not to look sloppy, experts recommend putting things on size.


Now it is clear what to wear with jeans with a highwaist. Photos of interesting combinations will help you in choosing clothes. Having understood what to wear with these trousers, we can conclude that to create a stylish and individual image, you need to combine models with a suitable figure for clothes and shoes. And also do not be afraid to wear jeans to girls with imperfect figure, as correctly selected models will correct all the shortcomings.