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Fashion for men: we create a stylish and harmonious image

Today fashion for men takes the same majorposition, as for women. Each year, she brings to the male image new images, which perfectly match the design ideas with current trends and extravagant approach.

This year's trend trends are clearlycan be traced in the collections of spring-summer and autumn-winter. Presented in a variety of models of classic, elegant and athletic clothing, they will enable everyone to choose their own unique fashion image.

The main trend is fur

It seems that now it is difficult to imagine a man in furs. But the couturier did not accidentally remember it. After all, fur from ancient times emphasizes the nature of the man - the earner and the hunter.

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And this year's chip is not onlyclassic men's coats and manto in the floor, but also the clothes of the spring-autumn season. Rabbit fur sweaters, models with a trim on it on collars and cuffs will bring variety to the men's wardrobe.

The image of a mighty man

Fashion for men in the style of oversize - another newtrend, designed to emphasize masculinity. Silhouettes of these models create a slanting sazhen in the shoulders and a massive athletic torso. Their certain formlessness and spaciousness can be traced not only in outer clothing, but also in sweaters and sweaters. And such an accessory as a scarf-yoke will even more complement the image of a hero or a knight. And it is presented not only in knitted, but also fur variants.

Fashionable nuances

Metallic clothes continue to show uptrends. While fashion for men has always been skeptical about gold, this year it has changed itself. Models, casting noble gold with a touch of platinum or copper, reflect both futuristic and medieval motifs. A special place in them is allocated to wide loose trousers with a "metallic" effect.

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Belt, emphasizing the waist, both on the coat and on the suits - the leitmotif of men's clothing this year.

The cage does not lag behind. Of it will be tops, sweaters and trousers. Heath of the same season of spring and autumn will be jackets of red and black checkered fabric.

Striped knitwear also entered the trend of collections. Fashion for men (photo is available in the article) in this direction is expressed in various models with vertical or horizontal stripes.

Colors and decor

The favorites of this year are bright colors - blue, green, yellow and red. They are fashionable both in themselves, and in combination with black color or any dark shades.

classic fashion for men

As for pastel tones, now they areThey moved from their shirts and sweaters to their coats. The current fashion for men blew up the catwalks of various coats of tender powder shades, as well as light blue, smoke gray and pink. And the latter is not a novelty. Designers with him constantly experiment, presenting in pink now costumes, trousers, sweatshirts, shirts and even shoes.

Today, drawings and ornaments used forfinishing clothes, are no longer considered bad taste. Fashion and style for men are now actively expressed in the use of abstract and animalistic prints, as well as a variety of ethnic patterns. Designers offer classic suits, not made from monophonic fabrics, but from jacquard and printed wool. The highlight of them is that the pattern is only a few tones different from the base. This makes it possible, on the one hand, to preserve the business style, and on the other, to present the suit in a new light.

Fashionable men's suits

Classic fashion for men this year as always in first place puts the traditional men's suit. After all, it is he who gives the man a sense of confidence and elegance.

The main attention in classical costumesis allocated to color. White and black as always remain relevant. But unusual colors have also been added to them - mustard, coral, purple. On a special place are costumes of brown color, which are intended to set you apart from the crowd.

fashion and style for men

Among the fashionable fashionable will be a three-piece suit,fastened to two or three buttons. And it should be worn so that the shirt is a couple of centimeters peeking out from under the sleeve of the suit. The tie also remains an unchanged accessory to him, and the butterfly goes to the background.

A variety of new stylish models this year will give you the opportunity to look fashionable and irresistible. Experiment, creating your image and you will certainly find what you were looking for.