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Chiffon skirts and their types

Chiffon is the best material for summer sarafans andskirts. Today in any summer collection you can find an outfit from such a fabric. It is very easy to sew from it yourself, and sewing a skirt does not require much time and effort. In magazines on sewing, chiffon skirts are marked as the simplest products. In addition, sew it yourself is much more profitable than to buy in the store. The skirt of chiffon will hide all the shortcomings of the figure and make the silhouette feminine and elegant. In addition, this outfit will give a feeling of lightness, airiness and comfort.

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Chiffon skirts can be the most diversestyles and colors. This can be a long skirt in the floor, and short lush skirts-tutus. Popular clothes are used, which can be worn both as a long skirt and as a short dress without straps. The color scheme can also differ depending on the taste of the fashionista. Naturally, in the summer it is better to give preference to bright colors, interesting drawings and accessories. If you look at the collection of famous designers, you can see as one-color long skirts of bright colors, and skirts with large figures, and dresses decorated with beads or embroidery.

chiffon skirts

For several years now, popular skirt packs fromchiffon. Earlier they were worn only by ballet dancers, but today they are loved by both teenagers and young girls. Usually it is a monophonic lush skirt, sewn from several layers of chiffon. In many cases, they are decorated with bows and ruffles. A skirt-tutu is an excellent choice for summer parties and walks. Under it fit top, shirt, jeans jacket and other clothes. Do not forget that the skirt-pack should be worn on the hips, which will make the figure more elegant and sexy. The maxi skirts go to almost everyone. Usually they are worn with tight T-shirts or tops, chiffon blouses. Also suitable are silk blouses. If you want to wear a chiffon skirt in the cold season, you can put on a knitted cardigan or leather jacket. As an option, a fur waistcoat may come up.

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Bold girls can complement the image with a hat andbracelets. Wearing skirts chiffon, girls often emphasize the waist with a belt or a wide belt. If you complement such a skirt with a translucent light blouse, the outfit will turn into an evening dress.

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Chiffon perfectly matches with suede, fur,jersey and leather. If you sew yourself, chiffon is a fabric that can be played in many different ways. Thus, the original girls will be able to conduct fashion experiments with images, change styles, colors, combinations.

Last year, chiffon skirts by rightcan be called a bestseller. Most likely, this status will be confirmed in the new season. Note that in Russia, the fashion for single-color skirts in the floor appeared only in the summer of 2012. As a rule, they are worn by young girls aged 15 to 25 years. Despite the interest of the masses in this wardrobe subject, chiffon skirts can be seen in collections of world-famous designers, and on celebrities from around the globe. There is an opinion that chiffon skirts this season will not be relevant because of popularity in the past. However, it is too early to judge, as the summer season is yet to come!