/ What shoes are in fashion now? We'll find out!

Which shoes are in fashion now? We'll find out!

The summer is over, the slush and cold are close, andmany have not yet acquired a new and fashionable footwear. After all, any thing can improve the mood even in the worst weather. And if in addition to beauty in shoes comfortable and warm, so generally happiness.


Which shoes are in fashion now? Now let's talk about the fashion trends of this season. These include shoes with a long toe, heels of various shapes, a wedge, a high platform with a heel, bright colors with lots of rivets, buckles and straps. Material presented models - leather and suede, never out of fashion.

Colors of models in the current season is amazingits diversity. The most fashionable color of autumn is red. Behind him in line - gold. Bright blue never goes out of fashion. The basic principle - the brighter and more unusual, the more fashionable. The main novelty of the season are the heels of the most unusual forms.

Women's shoes: what's in fashion now?

Fashion trends, well, of course, in an improvedare repeated every ten to fifteen years. Here and in a present season sharp socks have returned to fashion. But now they are combined with a massive heel, platform, wedge and a variety of colors. And this applies to both ballet flats and boats at low speed, and to shoes with heels.

1. Boats. The main option for shoes for autumn for women are shoes-boats on the hairpin. A variety of colors and materials will allow any fashionista to make the image complete, for every occasion of life. Fashion trend - print reptiles on shoes. Gold and metallic, used in decoration, conquered the hearts of many women of fashion.

autumn boots for women

2. Lacing in the design of shoes. Sharp-nosed boats with a variety of elegant cutouts, connected together by thin cords. Stylish oxford is simply indispensable in wet weather. Classics of the autumn season is presented in leather and lacquered versions.

3. Thick heel and platform. This version has a large thick heel and a high platform. These models on the catwalks are combined with a business suit, a long skirt, a coat in a classic style. Since the shoes of this kind create a loose form, the designers beat it in retro style.

4. Fasteners. There are two versions of shoes with straps: in the early autumn and for colder weather. The lungs are made in the style of "Mary Jane" with an ankle closure and a round toe. The second variant is represented by ankle boots without heels made of dense leather with a lot of iron fasteners or lowers. In both versions there is a long sock and an original color.

fashion men's shoes

Fashion: Autumn-Winter Shoes

Botillions - the most beloved model in fashionistas. In the new season, wide heels and platforms are popular. If earlier this footwear looked rough, now thanks to the efforts of designers, she became feminine. And the platform will keep warm and will give comfort. Socks can be rounded, sharp and square. Round noses approach any style of clothing. Sharp came into fashion in the summer and embodied in shoes. Square underline the originality of the owner. Bright colors will serve as an antidepressant amid gloom and dampness.

An unequivocal answer to the question of what kind of shoesnow in vogue, there are no more warm models. Since the collections are full of variety. Trend is the transparent heels, which will give airiness. Buckles, chains, thorns can be found on any shoes.

what shoes are now in fashion

In this season, fur is decorated not only with winter shoes, but also with autumn boots for women.
There is a combination of styles. Combinations of materials, different in color and texture, have gained popularity due to originality.

What are women's autumn shoes in the brutal style? The collections show rough models with a massive sole, lacing and a large number of rivets.

Winter fashion shoes

Which shoes are now in fashion for the winter season? The news of the season is the boots. Although these models were always relevant, in recent years women of fashion have lost interest in them. New collections are full of such shoes.

fashion shoes autumn winter

Everyday options are also present. Boots with thickened soles and thick heels are presented in coral tones. And of course, feminine classic models on the stud with different heights of the boot.

Fashion: men's shoes

Colors used for men's shoes in the new season: brown ocher, suede, indigo, caramel iris. What shoes are now in fashion for men?

  1. Heavy boots of various heights with a massive sole made of leather, suede, felt. In some collections there is a predatory color, as well as bright shades.
  2. Sneakers in the autumn and winter versions can be traced at all shows. Suitable for any clothing.
  3. Desert from suede has not lost its popularity.
  4. Suede, as well as leather chelsea.

A small conclusion

As you know, the fashion is changeable, and now the models that were worn ten to fifteen years ago are popular. Such boots or boots will add a touch of cheerfulness to gloomy everyday life.