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We compose the basic wardrobe for the autumn

What is a basic wardrobe for the fall? Simply put, this is a collection of certain garments that combine with each other and give their owner the opportunity for a variety of different combinations. This eliminates the need for prolonged fitting. Make a base wardrobe in the fall, and you do not have to stand by the open cupboard for hours before you leave the house.

basic wardrobe for autumn


Since autumn is the time of cold weather, first of allyou need to take care not to freeze on the piercing wind. Among the necessary things stylists in one voice called trench. The reason for this unanimity is due to its versatility - you can wear a trench with jeans, skirts and even classical suits. Shoes in this case will suit anything: from ballet to jockey boots. The coloring is better to choose neutral, the style is classic. For example, pay attention to elegant dark trenchi knee length. A basic wardrobe for the fall can not be imagined without a coat and a cloak. Choose a tailoring that fits your body type. The color can be anything, but if you choose something light, be ready to regularly spend money on dry cleaning. By the way, in case of sudden falling of snow, it's nice to have a down jacket or park - you do not want to flaunt in a fur coat at a temperature of -1 degrees to the feet?

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The basic wardrobe for the fall includes notonly warm clothes. No modern girl can not do without jeans - ideally they should be a few: dark and light. Carefully choose a style, do not pursue fashion. If you have rounded hips, do not squeeze them into popular "skinny", better buy flared model.

If you work in a company with a dress code, youYou need a suit, and from a dense fabric. You can wear it with classic shirts and silk blouses - they also go into the base wardrobe for the fall. Khromchenko, for example, argues that every fashionista must have at least three shirts. Many believe that only white is allowed, but it is not. On the contrary, dazzling whiteness is not enough for anyone - only girls with contrasting appearance look attractive in it. The rest is better to dwell on the color of ivory, tender blue and pink.

Look great with a suit and tops with a V-shapedneckline. Another advantageous investment is a cashmere turtleneck. Of course, you can save and dress up in synthetics, but do not expect such clothing to protect yourself from the cold. As for skirts, then there must be at least two: a pencil and a trapezoid. The first you will wear to work, and the second - to the light. They should be worn with tight dark pantyhose and graceful boots. Do not forget about the dresses: in addition to the classic case in the fall, you still need a dress-sweater of large mating.

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Basic wardrobe for the autumn of 2013 is impossiblesubmit without shoes. At the peak of fashion, he still has ankle heels and boots to the knee. A discreet color and genuine leather will allow you to combine them with any clothing and safely wear before the first snow. But when choosing accessories, you can include imagination: scarves and scarves, straps and belts, fancy knitted caps and elegant stoles, gloves and handbags - all this will help you in creating unique images.