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Jackets and cardigans for fat women

Excess weight is not a hindrance for alwaysbe beautiful and feminine. Any girl can look stylish and attractive. The main thing is to be able to properly present yourself. In many ways, the good appearance of a lady depends on her wardrobe, as well as on how harmoniously combined in her image are different things. Cardigans for fat women are a real salvation, a kind of wand that helps you visually adjust body proportions, hide its shortcomings and emphasize virtues.

Cozy beauty

Knitted elongated sweaters are now at their peakpopularity, although these wardrobe items were always loved by female representatives for their practicality, convenience and beauty. Unfortunately, girls "in the body" do not always manage to quickly select a model that would look good on their magnificent forms. If the trips to the store are not fruitful, you can try to tie a cardigan yourself (or by order). For a full woman, the style of the product should be selected wisely, taking into account the features of the figure. Further we will give useful recommendations on this matter.

Beautiful cardigan for a full girl

Cardigan for fat women is not just clothesfor a cold autumn-winter period. There are a huge number of models that will be relevant at any time of the year and in any place. You can put on a cardigan for work, for a walk, during a trip to a cafe, a date and even a nightclub or a glamorous party - it all depends on the fabric from which it is sewn, and on its silhouette.

Correct length

The look of fat women's jackets and cardigans fromjersey can both decorate and spoil. Picking up the model of the jacket, it is important to guess with the length of the product. This is perhaps the most important parameter to pay attention to when buying a cardigan. The ideal and versatile option is the product to the middle of the thigh.

Cardigan with paillettes for full girls

Short models can also look likeplump girl is good, but in this case it is important to choose the right clothing. They will look great with a dress-case of a free cut, a skirt-trapeze or pants (including jeans), supplemented with an elongated blouson, shirt or tunic. However, preference should be given to the sweatshirts and jackets of the free cut, which lightly fit the body, as well as slightly fitted models.

Shortened cardigans for fat womenLow growth is more appropriate than long. If the hem of the sweatshirts reaches the knee, then the lush girl at risk of becoming a shapeless mountain. There is a very simple rule that helps to balance the elements of the wardrobe in the image:

  • The shorter the skirt, trousers or dress, the longer the cardigan should be.

Carrying out this recommendation, the girls will be able to "lengthen" themselves and make their figure proportional.


For fat women, knitting a cardigan or hispurchase often becomes a difficult task, because it is not so easy to choose the right style of the product. Initially, the cardigan was called exclusively elongated sweatshirts without a collar and with a deep V-neck. Now many other models are considered to be this kind of clothes:

  • Cardigans with a collar and without.
  • With straight or asymmetric floors.
  • With raglan sleeves.
  • With the line of the shoulder down.
  • Straight cut, fitted and flared.
  • On a figure and an oversize, etc.

Given that the plump girls need to adjust their appearance with the help of clothes, they must pick up their sweaters, helping to hide what others should not see.

How to choose a cardigan color

What color to choose

Demi-season or winter clothes should not beflashy-bright, so cardigans, which mostly refer to warm things intended for wear during cold weather, are best chosen from yarn of dark tones. But if black, brown or blue sweaters do not like at all, full of girls can pamper themselves with knitwear of soft, pastel shades. In addition, the taboo about the bright tone refers specifically to the clothes of yellow-green, lemon, bright pink, scarlet and other excessively catchy colors. Products made from such fabrics will look ridiculous and ridiculous, and with them and their owners. But a cardigan for fat women (photo for example below), bound from a yarn of saturated noble colors, will emphasize its individuality and charm. It can be dark shades of red, green, dark yellow, orange, lilac, brown and sandy tones. These colors are rich and versatile. They fit well with any things from the base wardrobe.

With a summer model of an elongated blouse or capeyou can experiment a little, allowing yourself a color variety. Such a cardigan for full women with knitting needles is usually not knit. They work with fine cotton yarn like "Iris", and the product is made by crocheting. Cardigans are very light, and their openwork and weightlessness is better emphasized with the help of natural and light colors.

Knitting Cardigan Crochet

Knitting for Full Women: How to Choose a Pattern

The trend of recent years has become volume knitting,large patterns, towed knitted fabrics and products made from thick yarn. Such things look very original and beautiful, but girls with forms need to be more careful with such clothes. It visually adds extra volume to the body, makes the figure even more massive. Therefore, thinking over the concept of a sweatshirt or a jacket, you need to pay more attention to smooth and small patterns, and also not to use a textured decor for cardigans. The picture should be exclusively vertical, as horizontal lines can play a cruel joke with the owner of clothes and make it even larger. The same applies to the beloved so many striped matings. Such a figure in clothes to face only tall and slender girls.

Cardigan for fat women: knitting

In the independent manufacture of clothing there are manypluses. The most important - the possibility of free choice of style and color of the product. We suggest readers to learn a short master-class how to tie a cardigan with knitting needles for a full woman, with a description of the main activities. This is a universal model of a sweater on one buckle.

The cardigan consists of the back, two shelves,sleeves and collar. For their manufacture, about 1 kg of yarn will be required. Work needs knitting needles No. 8. The fastener consists of two large buttons. The product uses several types of patterns:

  • Elastic band with alternating face and back loops.
  • Facial smoothness.
  • Wrong surface.
  • Arbitrary drawing.

The pattern can be chosen at your discretion.

Knitting cardigans with knitting needles

Technology of work: back and shelves

The first thing to do is make a back. To do this, on the spokes number 8 you need to type 60 loops and make six rows of facial smoothness. Next, the canvas is knitted with an arbitrary pattern. When it is ready at 64 cm (from the edge), armholes are formed. In each second row, the back narrows to 2x2 and 4x1 loops. At this rate, you need to tie 23 cm, after which the loops are reduced to the bevel of the shoulder. Technology of work: on both sides the loops from each second row are reduced according to the scheme: 2x2x6. The length of the finished backrest is 94 cm, when the fabric is ready, free loops need to be closed.

The left and right shelves knit symmetrically. As for the backrest, loops (34 units) are typed on spokes No. 8 and 6 rows are sewn with a facial smoothing, but on the slats the last four loops alternate: two rows of facial smoothness, then two rows of purl and so on. From the 7th row, the canvas is made an arbitrary pattern, the bar is closed as well as at the bottom - 2 r. facial and 2 r. purplish smoothness. On the 63rd centimeter of the length of the shelf you need to form a neck, removing on each second row one loop. On the left shelf on the right side, as on the back, make an armhole and bevel of the shoulder, symmetrically closing all the loops. On the right shelf, the hinges are removed from the left.

Short cardigan for a full girl

Cardigan sleeves, collar and product assembly

When the base of the jacket is ready, knit sleeves. To begin with, 30 loops are formed on knitting needles No. 8. Binding:

  • 1-6 rows - facial smoothness.
  • 44 cm - an arbitrary pattern, on each 6th row to the panel is added along the loop to form the bevel of the sleeve.
  • When 44 cm of cloth is ready, it is necessary to reducehinges on the pellet sleeves (left and right side symmetrical). For this, 2 loops are removed from each second row. The number of rows depends on the length of the sleeve (about 58 cm), but they should not be less than five. Close the cut.

The collar is knitted with an elastic band on knitting needles No. 8 of 117loops. First 4 full rows, then on each side on the 6th loop, 4 loops are removed in each fourth row. To do this, on the right side of the panel, the three faces are tied together, tilted to the left, and on the right side, tilted to the right. The cut of the part is closed in four rows.

Cardigan stitch in this order: sew up the sleeves, sew the side details and sleeves, sew the collar and connect the jacket over the shoulder line. The fastener needs to be crocheted and sewed as a figure-eight to the right shelf.

Effective disguise

Openwork lengthened blouses are needed not so much forheating, how much for beauty. With their help, you can hide your tummy or wrinkles at the waist, soften an excessively massive line of shoulders or visually extend your neck. Crochet cardigan for full women knit with V-shaped or round neckline, without collar or lapels. It is better to make a product up to the middle of the hips or just above the knee. Also on polnenkih girls look great shorter models. Whatever the shape of a cardigan crocheted, it must be free cut. Such products are made from cotton thread, and therefore in the finished form they are practically devoid of elasticity.

Which cardigan to choose the full girl

Luxury outerwear

Cardigans are often used as an upperclothes. These can be coats, sewn from tight jersey, or warm knitted sweaters. Such cardigans for fat women - an excellent opportunity to be stylish, hiding extra pounds under beautiful clothes. Low dense girls should choose shorter models, and tall, stately women can afford to wear a long cardigan with an asymmetrical front.

Festive option

Note that the cardigan is clothing that you canwear not only on weekdays, but also on special occasions. For example, models of blouses, which are decorated with paillettes. They look great on the full girls, and in combination with the quiet ensemble look just fine. The black version is more reserved. Such a cardigan can be decorated with a daily outfit of jeans and a tight tunic. But the golden jacket is more suitable for the evening.

Dress code for full ladies

With the help of a cardigan, you can diversify and workwardrobe. Having in stock one or two elongated sweaters, the girl will easily pick up a lot of fresh and original images. You can change them, focusing on your mood. Cardigan can be worn with a skirt, trousers or a dress, complement them with a strict golf, romantic blouse or a modest half-fitting shirt.