/ Fashionable blouses spring summer 2011.

Fashion blouses spring summer 2011.

Fashion blouses spring summer 2011 representlovers of beauty and convenience of a lot of great models. After all, when the cold passes and nature wakes up, and the soul becomes better. It would be desirable to look on all hundred, to remove the boring fur coats and a coat, and to battle men with stylish clothes. Undoubtedly, blouses can help in achieving such a goal. This subject of women's wardrobe is loved by almost all representatives of the fair sex. After all, the blouse is able to create an image of self-confident, modest, cheerful, brooding, sexual and at the same time chaste lady. The most important thing is to be able to choose it correctly.

In this season, fashion blouses spring summer 2011designers from all over the world presented. Collections are full of all kinds of models, colors, styles and creative ideas. Very relevant in this season, blouses with an English collar, as well as all the usual classic on buttons. As for the most popular sleeve length, it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer: there are models with both a short sleeve and a 3/4 sleeve.

Fashion blouses spring summer 2011 are decorated with variousruffles, ruffles, metal buttons, patch pockets. The trend of this season is the models decorated with lace. Concerning the fabrics, it can be said that a translucent chiffon blouse is an ideal option for a confident woman. In addition, no less popular and satin blouse. In general, translucent and light fabrics are now at the height of glory.

Now it's time to evaluate the fashionable colors.The most popular blouses are black and white. The model of a light chiffon in black color will perfectly emphasize the woman's sexuality and will not leave her unattended. In addition, draped blouses are also able to create an exciting image, especially if they are properly selected and slightly elongated or have a slight asymmetry.

White and black is a classic that is popularalmost always. But the green tint has become in demand only this season. Fashion blouses spring summer 2011 - a model of emerald, green, olive, citrus flowers. But choosing a green blouse, it is worth remembering that it complements the bronze, tanned skin just fine, refreshing it and giving it a stunning look. But the owner of pale skin should not wear blouses of emerald shades, their skin will look unhealthy. For everyday style, models of bright green color in Latin American style are perfect, but for business ladies the designers specially prepared blouses of greenish-beige tones. They are fitted and with a classic skirt look pretty impressive and at the same time strictly.

Another fashion trend this season - tops and blouseswith bright, colorful prints. However, they can be combined only with monophonic trousers or skirts. There are collections of fashion podiums and models of pastel, beige tones. This is an option for a romantic date or a business meeting. Again in fashion and blouses of warm chocolate and caramel shades, with a bow on the neck and in the cage.

Fashion blouses spring summer 2011 in the cage - thisgenerally a separate story. They again entered the women's wardrobe and firmly established themselves in it. Checkered blouses can be short, long, fitted, wide, multicolored, pale, have patch pockets, high collars, long or short sleeve - lots of options.

Stylists recommend that women wear blouses,dressing them in a skirt or trousers. And if you got a model that should be worn out, then you should definitely designate the waist with a stylish belt.

Your wardrobe will benefit greatly if you refresh it with several blouses of different colors or textures.