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Bohos styles - features and rules for creating an image

If you look at the photos of Hollywood stars, then immediatelythe question arises as to how, for all the simplicity of their clothes, they manage to look incredibly stylish? The answer is quite simple - the styles are goddamn. For the first time this fashion trend appeared in 2000, and now it is experiencing a new era of rebirth. What is this strange style, bosho? In reality, the Boho styles suggest a complete denial of any fashion.

Styles of Boho

Images boho - a state of mind.They are for those who want to be a little strange, detached, stand out from the outside world. This style is for outstanding and creative personalities. Boho is primarily characterized by multilayeredness.

Boho styles: features

A combination of chiffon and fur, lace, wool and flax.Layered sarafans and skirts, knitted items and accessories. In clothes only natural colors are used. The very name of the style came from the gypsy word "bohmiens". The so-called Gypsies and nomads, inhabitants of central Europe of Bohemia. Later this word spread to creative people who did not consider conventions and strove for a carefree life. At some point, the boho became extremely popular, and designers began using it to create their collections.

Bohho style for complete

Bohos styles

There are various directions in images:chic, classic, glamor, eco and hippies. The youngest direction is considered boho-chic. This style is characterized by multi-layered wide skirts, frills, blouses and loose dresses. Fabrics are mostly natural, flowing and light. A coat in the style of a boho is a jacket, fur or drapery.

Boho-classic is a lot of velvet, lace,jacquard, corduroy and knitwear. Boholo-glamor is a refined and refined direction. Multi-layered skirts and dresses from guipure and chiffon, flowers, bows and furs. Boho-eco is a gentle and romantic image, in which natural fabrics, vintage and a wide variety of details predominate. Boho-hippies - this is primarily brightness. Bright details, fringe, tight jeans, tunics and accessories in ethnic style, vintage.

Coat in the style of Boho

Rules for creating an image in the style of a boho

Bohos styles are becoming more popular lately. Now this is not just a fashionable trend, it's a way of life. To dress in the style of Boho, you need to consider the following rules:

  1. Accessories, bags, jewelry and shoes should be the most expensive in the image.
  2. You can not wear things of one brand.
  3. Feel free to combine things from different directions and styles.
  4. Do not try to copy the images created by designers on the podium.
  5. Bohho style for fat people is an ideal option, since in this direction the free tailoring prevails.
  6. From shoes, choose cowboy boots, or "ugg boots", or sandals.

In ancient times, the refined French comparedartists and free artists with a gypsy camp, compensating for poverty with catchy colors and complete absence of any restrictions. Those times have long been in the past, but modern bohemia has preserved their careless manner of dressing. True, Hollywood stars can not be attributed to the fraternity of free artists, but they also contributed to the formation of the Boho style. So one of the subspecies of this direction appeared, boho-chic.