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With what to wear a white jacket?

Many stylists claim that beforebuy any wardrobe item, you need to think about what you can combine it with the available items. Often our closet is clogged with clothes, and to put on, in fact, there is nothing. This problem is familiar to many women who easily make spontaneous purchases much more often than men. That you never tormented by the question of what to wear a white jacket or trousers with an inflated waist, approaching the purchase of a new thing should be deliberately.

Fashion magazines constantly give recommendations to theirreaders, generously handing out advice on how to make a wardrobe correctly, so that there are things in it for any life event and they could easily be combined in one outfit.

with what to wear a white jacket

If you take into account the already available in your closet dresses or jeans, it will be easier to pick up an appropriate jacket or shirt to them.

with what to wear a long jacket

So, for example, you do not know what to wear with whitea jacket bought on occasion at the sale. Just take it with you to "walk" around the shops and try on tops, blouses, trousers directly with it. You will immediately see if a harmonious image has turned out or not. The white jacket is universal, it can look good with colors such as black (it's classic), blue, red, yellow, caramel, coral or fashionable today emerald. White color gives freshness, looks elegant and beautiful.

If you do not know what to wear under your jacket,going to work, in this case you can choose the dress-case of a contrasting shade. Or put on a pencil skirt with top or blouse. A shirt with a tie or a feminine blouse can become an indispensable companion to a light jacket. Going for a walk, complete with a jacket, you can try on jeans or pants, a light flared skirt or shorts, both classic knee lengths and short ones, from costume fabric or denim.

Many fashionistas have a problem with whatwear a long jacket, so as not to look ridiculous, because this wardrobe thing is pretty capricious. "Neighbors" of a jacket up to the middle of the hip and below can become narrow trousers or a tight skirt. It will be a mistake to wear a shapeless skirt or wide pants, as this will not only add a couple of extra pounds, but also give a slovenly look. Too short skirt with an extended jacket, too, should not be worn.

what to wear under a jacket

Answering the question about what to wear with whitejacket of light summer fabrics, you can advise a thin and air striped dress in a naval style, length to the heel. You can supplement the image with a striped handkerchief casually tied around the hair or neck. An excellent option may be knitwear: T-shirts, T-shirts, skirts of all kinds of shades. Accessories in combination with a jacket can make a real miracle: the everyday model will turn into an evening version, if you put it on with shoes and take a bright clutch in your hands.

If you still have not decided what to wear with whitejacket, then just rely on your intuition. If in the chosen kit you will feel confident, beautiful and unique lady, then the choice is made correctly, because breaking stereotypes is sometimes necessary!