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Fashion On Dresses of the Year 2011

Did you know that 2011 dresses are true100% success in any situation in which it is simply impossible not to look chic. Designers have developed special outfits that can emphasize the dignity of the figure of cute ladies thanks to different length, cut, style, color and purpose of the dress.

In 2011, you will unscrew the head of the dress withtranslucent inserts, black short dresses of different lengths: from the summoning mini to the burning maxi, the bare shoulders, corsets, ruffles and stones. All this is the fashion of 2011. In detail we will pay attention to the classification of the attire itself.

Fashionable dresses of 2011 - models, shapes and colors

This year the most fashionable silhouette ispear-shaped and elongated silhouette, silhouette of "hourglass" and a-silhouette. With regard to fabrics, the dense satin, leather, mohair, wool and cashmere are very popular for autumn 2011 dresses; for the summer 2011 dress - glossy fabric reflection, chiffon and silk.

Of course, black is an eternal classic,which at all times has never ceased to be a success. Nevertheless, do not forget about the gray color, as well as its arbitrary shades: coffee, deep chocolate and sand. Dynamics of pastel tones is set by bright accents: interspersed mardart, bright blue, turquoise, red and yellow.

Fashionable dresses of 2011 - geometric-architectural sewing

The style of 2011 emphasizes the shoulders - they are a bitraised, collars used by the rack, with the presence of an asymmetrical lapel and forms, a complex form of drapery. Dresses with a decollete on one shoulder still demand demand. For any figure perfectly fit asymmetric dresses (tops, sleeves, lapels and skirts).

Fashionable dresses of 2011 with a retro gradient

Retro style is again in vogue. Bright, unusual and fashionable outfits speak for themselves. The only point is the selection of accessories: headdress, belt, shoes and bag, as well as a stylish hairstyle. Agree, only the dresses of the 60s will perfectly emphasize the figure, the magnificent skirt will give you pomposity and femininity, and the silhouette of the "hourglass" will certainly give you elegance.

Fashion dresses of 2011 - for the parade, so for the parade

This year the designers prepared unusualEvening dresses, which already at first sight will not allow you to detach from you close attention. Wearing one of these options, you will certainly feel like a queen at your own ball. Their strength lies in some kind of shock, they are made of an unusual fabric. Applied sequins, feathers and rhinestones. These dresses should only be fitted and tight. Closer to the colds, light dresses with feathers are replaced by leather dresses.

2011 is a new year, which gives the mostbright and lively outfits. You do not have to be bored and stand in line for the gray dresses. You are already waiting in the shops for the variety of the most exclusive outfits that will not allow you to look bad. The main thing, do not forget to take your man with you and show yourself in all its glory. Indeed, fitting is also an ideal option to prove to your second half that you can be different and all this thanks to the outfits. Having seen you at least once water from dresses in 2011, your husband or boyfriend will certainly buy for you the most suitable option. Do you doubt? Take it and check it yourself.

Nothing that decorates a woman like new clothesand a smart hairstyle. If you are going to buy a dress for social parties, buy something that your husband lived with only a desire to rip it off from you after the end of the evening. That is, evening dress is supposed to drive your partner crazy. This is the design strength of the 2011 dresses. In them every detail is thought through to the last detail. For a woman, this is precisely what is an integral component in the outfit. Only by paying proper attention to your wardrobe will you be successful.