/ / French style in clothes or How to turn into a Parisian woman?

French style in clothes or How to turn into a Parisian woman?

It is the French style that is most often associated withelegance, femininity and refinement. No wonder many women dream of feeling like real Parisians. For such a metamorphosis to become a reality, it is enough to follow a few simple tips.

French style in clothes

Council number 1. The basis of the French style is minimalism, simplicity and naturalness.

The French style in clothes is most accurately expressedin the rule "the less, the better." All things should be simple, elegant, elegant and quality. An important feature of the described style is the classic cut. Clothes should not obscure your personality.

Council number 2. Get basic things.

They call blouses, simple monophonic tops,dresses-cases, skirts to the middle of the knee, jackets, which are easily combined with other items of the wardrobe. At the same time, such things should bring variety to the daily outfit.

Council number 3. Restrained colors.

French style in clothes does not acceptpredominance of a certain color. Nevertheless, preference is given to olive, brown, gray, cream, black and white tones. In small volumes, purple, green and red are used. The latter must be clearly localized. At one time it is not recommended to combine more than 3 colors. For the French style, one color accent will suffice. For example, choosing a bright skirt, pick up her blouse and accessories of neutral tones.

Tip # 4. Refill the wardrobe with a classic trench.

French style
This outfit lives out of time and emphasizesFrench style in clothes. And most importantly, it is quite practical, because it looks equally good with jeans, and with a mini-dress. In addition, simple trench lines extend and build a silhouette.

Tip # 5. Choose the appropriate accessories.

French style of clothes will emphasize correctlya matched scarf, a beret, a quilted bag and sunglasses. Scarf will give the image a unique and ambiguous character. In this case, it is worth dwelling on a silk scarf in a minimalist style. An important role will play a square or rectangular bag with a minimum of finishing. Complete the image of sunglasses, matched to the shape of the face. Pay special attention to glasses made for a tortoiseshell, shaped like a cat's eye. It will always be appropriate to have pearls, but not more than one thread. The abundance of costume jewelry in one moment will cross out all your efforts to look like a real Parisian.

Council number 6. The finishing touch is the make-up "Nude look".

french style clothes
French style in clothes should be supplementedappropriate make-up. "Nude look" is a make-up, for which a good taste and sense of proportion is characteristic, it only slightly emphasizes the main features of the face. It exists outside fashion trends. An important element of "Nude look" is fresh, ruddy cheeks, so pay attention to the choice of blush. Here it is worthwhile to dwell on gentle pink and peach shades. They will give the face a fresh look. Lipstick is selected in a tone of blush. Shades for the eyelids should be calm. This type of makeup does not tolerate graphics and requires a good feathering. For eyelids it is best to use two shades simultaneously - light and dark.