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Bright autumn: with what to wear an orange coat

Orange color is intermediate betweenyellow and red. He absorbed all the positive aspects of the two colors. On the one hand, orange is cheerful and sunny, on the other hand it is a complex shade, and in this case it is problematic to choose the right combination of colors.

With what to wear an orange coat

It is especially difficult to select the right images in which this bright color is present. Many fashionistas have a question: "What to wear an orange coat, so as not to look vulgar or comical?".

Combination of orange with other colors

There are many shades of orange, the mostthe popular one is mandarin. He is clearly in contrast to the cool weather, and an orange coat, by its appearance alone, can bring a little heat.

Thinking about what you can wear orangecoat and with what colors to combine it, special attention should be paid to white, black, brown and beige colors. Most often, successful combinations of orange and brown shades are used. Without any problems, a brown color can be found in accessories and shoes. In this case, under the coat, you can put on black classic pants, gloves and take a purse brown.

With what to wear an orange coat photo

Interesting and no less stylishly representeda combination of orange and blue. This image will look gentle and feminine. You can choose blue jeans, a white T-shirt and a bag full of blue.

The orange and green tandem looks bright. This contrast enhances both shades. Under the coat, you can pick up green shoes, a scarf or a dress with a green print.

Bright girls who think about what you can wear an orange coat with, the tips of the stylists will come to the rescue:

  1. Bright outerwear can be successfully combined with the color of Bordeaux.
  2. The perfect combination is beige with orange. You can create a romantic feminine image, wearing a dress under the coat dress beige.

The choice of orange shade depending on the type of appearance

The choice of a certain shade of orange largely depends on the appearance of the girl:

  • "Spring" girls have blonde hair and skin. In choosing an orange coat, such people should prefer pastel and muted tones of this color;
  • for "autumn" girls an excellent option will be red-orange tones. Red-haired ladies can safely choose any shade of orange;
  • "Summer" girls can use a range from bright to dark tones. However, it is necessary to avoid red-orange tones, they give excess redness to the appearance;

"Winter" girls do not want to use too light shades. The brightest exterior can be brightened with classic and red-orange colors.

With what to wear an orange overprint coat

To whom does

A coat of orange can afford notevery girl. It is suitable for optimistic and adventurous personalities. Because the styles of outerwear are diverse, so choosing the right option for women and girls of different ages will not be difficult.

Under any figure suitable models such as trapezoid, oversize, cloak or classic coat. To make the image more stylish will help the used fabric: corduroy, tweed or suede.


The key model of recent seasons is overuse. The question "what to wear an orange over-the-top coat?" Is relevant for many girls. Jeans, pants, dresses, skirts - you can pick up anything you like, it's important to consider the balance. Soft lines of oversize coat will not fill up, and voluminous sleeves and wide collars will be able to hide the flaws of the figure.

The classic orange coat is also on the favorites list. It fits perfectly into city landscapes and emphasizes the individuality of its owner.

With what you can wear an orange coat

No less practical is a coat in the form of a cape. Having dressed in such clothes, you can walk around the autumn park, and the sun's rays will advantageously emphasize the bright color.

Another trend of the last season is a sleeveless coat. Such clothes are suitable for active girls living in the rhythm of a modern city.

If the question of which model to choose and what to wear an orange coat is still acute, photos from secular chronicles and magazines will help to make the right choice and decide on the image.

With what to wear an orange coat

Classic is a combination of orange and black. Therefore, a direct coat can be combined with black trousers. A leather skirt of black color will look no less relevant.

Elegantly will look a tandem with gray clothes- trousers and a sweater. With this ensemble, the shoes or the brown bag will perfectly harmonize. No less bright is the image that combines the main color with crimson or dark green. Such contrasting shades can be used when choosing a scarf or handbag.

With what to wear an orange coat

Thinking over what to wear an orange coat,special attention should be given to the choice of shoes. You can pick up shoes on a solid platform or shoes with heels. In the fall, rubber boots will also be appropriate, the more there are many different models.


Completion of the image will help properly selectedaccessories. A small hat is suitable for warm and dry weather. For weather, you can pick beret. If we talk about the hat, it is better to choose a knitted product of a neutral shade.

Picking up a coat with a hood, you can stophis choice on his decor in the form of fur. Beautifully it will look fur of black, red and brown color. Its texture can be anything: a rabbit, a fox, a raccoon, etc.

With what you can wear orange coats tips stylists

A scarf will dramatically change the image. The straight silhouette of the coat will help to emphasize the ends of the scarf that have been launched along the clothing. To make the image become more athletic, you can use snoop.

Cold and cloudy days - not a reason for sadness. To lift the mood will help juicy orange shades. The main thing is to know what to wear an orange coat with in order to look stylish and tasteful.