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Gladiator tattoo: features, meaning

Today, the artistic tattoo is elevated toone step with art. The works of real masters amaze with realism, beauty and accuracy. Abstract curls fade into the background, giving way to much more complex plots. For example, a very popular and common theme is a gladiator tattoo. Strength, courage, the desire for freedom - this is the meaning, as a rule, invest in this plot. Let's consider more details of a tattoo.

Gladiator's Tattoo

History as a theme for tattoo

Once upon a time the gladiators fought in the arena injoy to the excited crowd. Deprived of their rights and personal freedom, these fighters fought against life and death, striving for the goal - either to win or to perish worthily. Tattoos "gladiator", as a rule, are chosen by those who try to emphasize the desire for victory, for whose sake it is not a pity even for life itself.

Such a tattoo is a tribute to history.It seems as if it is enduring in the epoch of heroic battles, courage and courage. From the work of tattoo artists, most of us are looking at the unknown heroes of ancient Rome and Greece.

New trend of fashion - image of charactersfamous Hollywood movies, shot about the heroes of the ancient arenas. Often the tattoo "gladiator" can be found Russell Crowe in the image of Maximus or embodied by Bred Pitt Achilles of "Troy".


Most often you can see a similar tattoo inrealistic style. Sometimes this story is used by masters working in styles thrash polka, tribal, oriental, horror and chicano. Penetrates the idea in other, less common areas.

Portrait Tattoo

Often you can see the image of the fighter.Glittering armor, weapons, blood stains add realism and create entourage. An important position in which the gladiator is captured. It can express aspiration and impulse, and fatigue, disappointment, loss of hope.

Gladiator's Tattoo


No less popular story for the tattoo is the gladiator intime of struggle. Sometimes it can be a couple of fighters. And in some cases you manage to contemplate an angry lion, fighting with a man. Historically, this is justified, because gladiators often exhibited predatory animals.

gladiator tattoo on chest


To the same category of tattoos can be attributed and armor in the style of ancient Hellas. Rarely when the whole body is encased in painted armor. Most often these are fragments: a shoulder-strap, part of mail, a breastplate.

what does tattoo mean

Localization on the body

To place a realistic tattoo,depicting the face and figure of the gladiator, it is better to choose such places on the body that are not subject to deformation. Most often you can see the "gladiator" tattoo on the chest, on the forearms, shoulders, hips, back and waist. A large area allows you to correctly organize the composition of the picture and carefully work out the details.

The target audience

In our age, gender boundaries are becomingthinner, but the "gladiator" tattoo has remained traditionally masculine. For a woman, the plot is too aggressive. Among the fair sex, too, there are fans of this topic, but they tend to gravitate towards female images. Images of gladiator ladies are not as bright and more relevant to the style of fantasy. Many of them resemble Amazons.

On the other side

The interpretation of similar tattoos in criminalworld. Among the huge number of Zonovian patches, the strictest gradation is observed, each image has its own meanings. The glory of the gladiator is often adorned with authoritative authorities, leaders with a harsh fate. The invariable attribute of such nakolok - draining blood.


What does the gladiator tattoo mean in everyday life? As a rule, this is the strength of the spirit, the desire for freedom, the belief in victory, the willingness to stand up for oneself and for the family. And although in some cases such a tattoo can directly point to the aggressive nature of the owner, most of those who chose this plot, rather, show their commitment to the history of the ancient world and fascination with the culture of martial arts.