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"The Snow Queen", Samara - photo and customer reviews

Already more than 17 years on the Russian market worksThe trading house "Snow Queen". During this time, the corporation created a chain of stores and a large customer base. What are the stores "Snow Queen" and how their customers evaluate - read in this article.

Snow Queen Network

"Snow Queen" is a large Russian networkshops with clothes and accessories of different brands. The first store was opened 17 years ago. Now the network "Snow Queen" has more than 100 outlets throughout Russia.

The stores sell clothes of different styles for men and women, accessories, warm leather jackets and fur products, which are of high quality.

The result of dynamic development has becomecooperation with the best world brands and development of own trade marks. Thus, the company "Snow Queen" has become the largest trading company, which specializes in clothing.

To date, stores of this brand are openin all regions and available to almost every Russian. Here is a list of cities where the largest shops of the Snow Queen are located: Samara, Krasnodar, Moscow, Sochi, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Orenburg, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk.

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Commodity assortment

The stores of this network present the latest collections of world brands. All goods correspond to the current trends of fashion.

Assortment in all stores "Snow Queen"is very large and includes not only casual clothes for women and men, but also bags, various accessories and a collection of fur coats. Thus, the corporation represents fur products of such brands: Regal, Varni, Antonio Didone, Soulis, Braschi, Gata Fur, Virtuale Fur Collection, Emfasi Pelle, Estel, etc.

A large selection of fur coats and outerwear is an importantadvantage of the network "Snow Queen". Samara is the best confirmation of this fact. In this city there are two stores of this corporation, which have a large assortment of luxurious fur coats and exquisite sheepskin coats, elegant sheepskin coats and leather outerwear. So, in the store "Snow Queen" are selling leather jackets and coats of famous manufacturers: Vericci, Olivieri, Acasta, Gallotti, Al Franco, Neohit, etc.

The corporation also cooperates with many manufacturers of casual wear: Acasta, Passport, Gil Bret, Visconf, Silvian Heach, Stefanel, Betty Barclay, Fornarina, S. Oliver, Martylo, and others.

For those who want to buy a fashion accessory or a stylish bag, the Snow Queen sells the unique goods of Zest, Barbara Milano, Palio, Eleganzza, Tosca Blu, Di Daneli.

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"The Snow Queen" in Samara

Many exclusive and trendy productsoffers "Snow Queen" in the city of Samara. These stores are known throughout the region and enjoy great popularity among the local population. All mods and women of fashion occasionally visit the shop "Snow Queen".

Samara is different from some cities,that has two stores of this corporation. They constantly undergo different actions, under the conditions of which it is very profitable to purchase quality goods. Also "Snow Queen" produces catalogs with products, in which possible discounts are indicated. This is very convenient, because a person can evaluate the assortment of the store and choose the right thing without even visiting the store.

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Addresses of shops in Samara

One of the cities in which the most successfully located outlets are the "Snow Queen" - Samara. Addresses of outlets of this corporation:

  • TRK Kosmoport, ul. Dybenko, 30.
  • Shopping center "Mega", Moscow highway, 5.

Customer Reviews

In most reviews about the product and the work of storespositive. Buyers are satisfied with the quality of products and excellent service. In the shops there are consultants who help to pick the right thing. Also, buyers appreciated the wide range of goods. The city, which has many positive reviews about the stores "Snow Queen" - Samara.

The reviews also cover stocks that are oftenconducts the corporation. Thanks to various discounts, many have benefited from the purchase of quality branded items. But there are people who put a negative rating to these stores. In their opinion, there are very high prices, which do not always correspond to the quality of the goods. Also, some buyers do not recommend going to the "Snow Queen" because of cunning schemes of sales. They argue that the corporation is deceiving customers. So, some customers noticed that at the checkout the sellers knock out a check for the full price of the thing when it should be discounted.

Recently, these stores are increasinglythere are Chinese things. This is not liked by many customers, and they have become more cautious when visiting the stores of the Snow Queen Network. Samara on these parameters has the best reviews. According to local customers, the only drawback of shops - high prices.