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Long knitted dress: with what to wear? Interesting ideas and recommendations

Now in the markets and in stores you can buyabsolutely any thing. But at all times things that were created with their own hands were highly valued. In such products, first of all, the soul of the master is invested. They attract their beauty and originality. And in fact, such a thing is made in a single copy, which means that it is exclusive.

knitted dress with what to wear

Having learned to own well knitting needles and crochet,it is possible to present knitted things as a present to relatives. For example, you can knit mittens for children, which in the end can be decorated with flowers from beads. For women of advanced age it is always nice to get a beautiful shawl or blanket as a gift. Very often needlewomen knit things on toddlers, preparing for the birth of a new life. These are booties, and trousers, and blouses, and hats with scarves.

Experienced knitters create clothes for pets. Hooks or knitting needles can be connected not only with her, but also toys for cats and dogs, and also create houses for them.

Dress and figure

Knitted things quite often appear onpodiums. This is due to the fact that they never go out of fashion. If you really want to have an exclusive, beautiful and comfortable thing, but you do not know how to knit, you can order a knitted dress from the master. With what to wear it? We'll talk about this later.

Designers never lose sight of the patterns of knitted dresses. They constantly present the latest interesting models.

with what kind of shoes to wear a knitted dress

But no matter how much the woman would like to look attractive, you need to keep in mind some rules for choosing a dress for a particular figure:

  • If you have a small tummy do not need to wearClinging dresses to the knee. Fit trapezoid shaped. In this model, the convex abdomen will not be seen. If this is a short dress, the legs will visually extend, if the length is longer, the growth will grow, which will make the silhouette look more elegant. For women "in the body" it is on such models experts advise to focus. It is important to purchase such a dress strictly in size.
  • If you have a figure of "guitar" (pronounced waist, wide hips), then the style of Empire is ideal. This style will advantageously allocate waist bends and hide the fullness of the thighs.
  • The possessor of the figure is the "hourglass" (narrowwaist, and the chest and hips are the same width) fit different styles of dresses. It can be tight-fitting, loose outfits, short, long models and with any sleeve size.

Knitted dress and other things. Create good combinations

How best to combine a knitted dress? With what to wear it? In principle, the models of such clothes are quite self-sufficient. You can change the dress only with some original brooch, leather straps, unobtrusive colors of pendants and bracelets or suitable footwear.

A long knit dress is ideal forwomen of lean physique. For such clothes you need to carefully choose a good stylish shoes. To the knitted, along the floor the shoes on the platform and heel, fitting high-heeled boots and ankle boots are perfect.

with what to wear a long knitted dress

With what to wear a long knitted dress in winterseason? On this topic is also talk. After all, in the cold season you need to dress warmly, and look stylish. So what is better to wear a knitted dress? Of course, a cardigan or an elongated coat is suitable. If the dress is very long, then you can experiment with a short coat made of warm fur. An important accessory in this combination is a scarf that will fit all the kit's items. It is this wardrobe item that can be bright colors.

Of course, in the winter season you can not do without tights and leggings. You can choose variants with patterns and colors. Just do not forget that everything should be in moderation.

Beige knitted dress. With what to wear?

Excellent combination of beige and chocolateshades. To this side, a brown strap of medium width is suitable. With what kind of shoes do you wear a knitted dress? Shoes or boots of chocolate shades in combination with a brown leather jacket, the collar of which can be connected from the same material as the basic outfit. As an accessory, light gloves.

beige knitted dress with what to wear

They should be brown. Also befits a bag beige. More to this dress shoes, jacket and accessories of classic black color will suit.

White dress

With what to wear a white knitted dress? The universal tone of the outfit allows you to choose clothes and shoes of almost any color. But basically a white dress is not suitable for everyday wear. Rather, this clothing is selected for a certain reason - a trip to the theater, restaurant or any celebration. It is undesirable to combine a white knitted maxi dress with black shoes and accessories. This should be shoes of flesh color or the shade that you choose to complement the image.

Gray knitted dress. With what to wear attire?

A long gray dress will perfectly complement the various decorations - pendants, bracelets, brooches.

gray knitted dress with what to wear

This recommendation refers specifically tomonochromatic side by side. If the dress has other colors, there are embroideries and patterns, then it is worth more picky accessories. Under the gray outfit boots are not required on the hairpin. This may not be a very high platform, leather, suede or a combined version. At the top of the dress, a short coat of gray, black or blue hues will sit perfectly.

Black dress. With what clothes to combine it?

Classic color traditionally leaves behind itselfthe right to combine with any other shades. But still, if you put it on a mourning ceremony, then the black dress needs to be revived. It is enough to choose a white narrow belt, earrings and a pendant with pearls or its imitation.

with what to wear a white knitted dress

As a contrast, do not put on a white jacket or coat. Outer clothing should be pastel colors.

Dress in blue color

When should I wear a blue knitted dress? With what to wear it is worth the girls? Let's look at some good combinations. The combination of blue with gray, and blue with black - strict options. For a walk, you can afford to wear a pink short coat or a white jacket on top of a long knitted blue dress. Blue shoes for a dress of the same color - this is not an option. This combination looks tasteless. Under the blue dress, black shoes are suitable in case if there is something of the same color in the image, or beige shoes will perfectly match.

Choose a dress

Winter dress is undoubtedly the bestto buy from soft natural wool. This fabric is comfortable, not heavy, practical, warm and well lays down on the figure. When choosing a style, consider the features of the shape. Dresses made of knitted and knitted fabric are well suited for both solemn events and for work. This winter is to give preference to gray, beige and black colors. Elite knitted models in ethnic style are considered.

with what to wear a long knitted dress

Embroidery and additional decor on such dresses give the products a luxurious and spectacular look.

There are long knitted dresses in the folk style. This is a long and time-consuming manual work of masters, respectively, and the price of such dresses is an order of magnitude higher.

A small conclusion

Now you know what a knitted dress is. With what to wear it, we also described in the article. Dress fashionably, beautifully, stylishly and comfortably. Be irresistible!