/ Do not know what to wear a yellow dress with?

Do not know what to wear a yellow dress with?

In the summer of 2009, the main trend was the yellow color. Yellow blouses, tunics, t-shirts, trousers, ballet flats and sandals - almost every girl at that time considered it her duty to fill up the wardrobe of one of these gizmos.

with what to wear a yellow dress

Fashion pretty quickly came to naught. However, three years later yellow dresses became popular. Here the women of fashion have already pacified their ardor, trying to make the image as harmonious as possible. So with what to wear a yellow dress to look exquisite? The rules are fairly simple, but they should also be remembered.

With what to wear a yellow dress: the figure and color of the skin

First of all, it is worthwhile to understand whether everyonefor girls this color suits. The most advantageous will be in a yellow dress slender women. However, it is not worth worrying, you just need to choose a model with a belt under your chest (in other words, without an accent on the waist).

As for the color of skin, it is difficult herenote a losing option. Unless the young ladies with aristocratic pallor should avoid bright colors, giving preference to an unsaturated, pale yellow color. But tanned girls are suitable for any option.

yellow dress with what to wear
With what to wear a yellow dress: about accessories

A perfect addition to the alongside will be the silkribbon or thin leather belt. Interestingly, it can be of absolutely any color: from bright pink to pale green. You can buy a matte model, and varnished. However, pay attention to the buckle. It should be shallow or at the most extreme medium, but not large. In this case, it is better to choose in favor of light metal accessories.

The same applies to jewelry. If you think that you have nothing to wear a yellow dress, you are mistaken. The main prohibition here is gold. Silver, pearls, various precious stones and even bijouterie (of all colors except yellow) will be an excellent addition to the image. Just choose not too large products - this can lead to the effect of "Christmas tree". Instead of a purse it is better to wear a bright clutch.

Shoes and a yellow dress

With what to wear this wardrobe thing in the summertime? If the dress is a simple cut, not very long and playful, give preference to ballet. Choose cheerful shades or pastel. It is not forbidden to wear shoes with funny little drawings like flowers or butterflies.

make-up under a yellow dress
If you are going to a party orgraduation, and your dress is long, with a complex silhouette, it is better to buy shoes with heels. Looks great hairpin. However, if desired, shoes with massive heels can also be worn.

As for color, here it is better to show conservatism. Beige shades, light gray, olive, gently lilac - these are the ideal options.

Makeup under a yellow dress

Of course, you need to forget about the yellow shadows,it will not look beautiful. But gentle pink and gentle blue, as well as peach and brown colors can be regarded as a good combination. A win-win option will be the make-up of the Smokey-Ice.

For the everyday image of the lips it is better not to paintin general, and for a special event - to take advantage of the shine of bodily shades. However, bold young ladies with the right features can take a chance, using red lipstick.

These are the basic rules for the combination of accessories, shoes and makeup with a yellow dress.