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Glamor is not just a style!

Ask a few of your friends:"Glamor - this is what?" The answers are likely to amaze you with their diversity. In our country this adjective is usually associated with blondes in pink, loose rhinestones, glossy magazines and questionable night activities. In fact, glamor is not only a fashionable trend, characterized by a number of signs, but also a whole lifestyle.

History of the concept

Glamor is

In classic British English, the wordglamor has the meaning of "charm", "fascinate". It is believed that in modern pronunciation it appeared in Scotland. For the ancient Scots, glamor is a spell capable of bewitching, real magic. It is not by chance that this is the name in Europe for a new style, characterized by luxury, accessibility only for a select few and dazzling beauty. What's interesting: if in Russia glamor is often called something brilliant and tasteless, with a clear shade of scorn, in many other states it is still treated with due admiration.

Style of glamor - what is it?

It is unique, available only fora certain layer of society or very rich people's lifestyle. Glamorous things do not necessarily have to be made of pure gold and placer diamonds. Look at collections of eminent designers: many specimens look quite ordinary and absolutely not extravagant. In its original form, glamor is a desire for an expensive and luxurious life, but without a fanatical demonstration of the value of things. Labels on designer clothes are hidden inside, and the outfit as a whole looks quite simple and incredibly stylish at the same time.

Kolkhoz glamor in Russia

Style of glamor

Few inventions and fashion trends in Europe andThe West take root in our state "with a bang." As for fashion trends, this is a separate sad story. Russians believe in advertising in virtually any of its manifestations, try to keep up with the latest innovations and be in a trend. According to world stylists, it is bad for our compatriots and with a sense of proportion. For example, today, Swarovski crystals are very popular - they really look interesting in costume jewelry. In addition, they offer to decorate clothes, accessories, mobile phones, as well as entirely laptops, tablets and much more. Even wealthy famous ladies are sometimes guilty of choosing too many brilliant elements. Hence the glamor rustic.

Everyone wants to be fashionable, but mostfinancial opportunities are more than limited. But it does not matter - in many stores for a few hundred rubles you can buy "branded" clothing and "jewelry" jewelry. Do not forget about the so popular today fakes expensive gadgets. As the style of glamor rustic is characterized by an abundance of brand names in sight (fakes in the majority), a lot of shiny elements, crystals and rhinestones, emphasizing your imaginary wealth.

Glamor is a subculture?

Glamor rustic

Today, the adjective "glamorous" is not appliedonly to specific subjects, but also to whole areas of art and life style. This word is often called photographs, films, as well as music. If we talk about the way of life in general, glamor is a visit to various parties, presentations and exhibitions. In addition, this style assumes an easy and carefree attitude to life: secular talk about fashion and interesting events, easy spending of money, expensive food and drinks. Of course, we are talking about the present, "high" glamor.

However, there is also a version for those wholimited in material means. Fans of collective glamor on weekends spend their money in local nightclubs and bars, rejoicing at their busy "secular" life. They try to imitate famous fashion photographers, meddling in the existing shine and entourage of mobile phone cameras. Glamorous parties in the regions are often called standard discotheques with music of past years and unreasonably expensive entrance tickets and drinks in the bar.

The pursuit of a beautiful life is good?

Glamor Beauty

Such widespread rural glamor in RussiaOur days should not be taken exceptionally negatively. In fact, there is nothing wrong with wanting to visit a night club on weekends or buying jewelry with rhinestones. The main thing is not to lose your sense of proportion and not to bring your hobbies and tastes into a separate cult - this is precisely the problem of our society. Wrong style glamor and glossy magazines. Media of this class, designed for women and adolescent girls, advertise costly clothing and cosmetics, instead of instilling in their readers a sense of harmony and the ability to choose the things that really suit them.

Summarizing, I want to say that the glamor,Beauty and style are synonyms, if we adhere to the original definition of this direction. All fans of the fashion trend will be useful to remember this.