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Style 60's in clothes: a fashion revolution

Every decade of the last century had its owndistinctive features in terms of fashion. And if the beginning of the twentieth century was still gravitating towards long chic dresses and expensive accessories, by the middle of the century the skirts were getting shorter, the hairstyles were simpler, and the material was cheaper.

A real revolutionary decade was the 1960sgg., which were completely different events that turned all the fashion industry. The emergence of a new model of the model, accomplishment in the field of science and technology, the first flight of man into space, the emergence of a new subculture that developed the ideas of free love, peace and pacifism - all this brought new ideas, guidelines and principles into the style of the 1960s. And today designers continue to appeal to the images of that time and replenish their collections with echoes from the past.

style 60 x in clothes

The main event that has become the point of reference for fashion60's, it was that the capital of the fashion industry was relocated from Paris to London. The elegant French style was replaced by English minimalism. In place of the fashion for the ladies held comes the clothing of the 60s, which quickly conquers the hearts of European youth. For the first time in the history of fashion, it was young girls and guys who asked her.

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The appearance of miniskirts on the catwalks was a realrevolution! They were worn by all without exception: both successful ladies and very young girls. However, the appearance of this element of the wardrobe is also associated with youth. The designer Mary Kuant of England, who is considered the inventor of the mini skirt, stressed that fashion designers did not dictate fashion in the 60s, ordinary people did it. "In fact, mini-skirts were not invented by me, they were invented by girls on the streets," said Mary.

To the things that were introduced by young people and characterize the style of the 60's in clothing, there are also huge glasses and massive plastic jewelry.

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The emergence of a mini-skirt caused the needthe emergence of a new model that will be able to adequately represent it: the old ideals with lush forms and thin waist were no longer suitable. A new style icon was found - the sixteen-year-old model of Leslie Hornby, or Twiggy (from the English "reed"), perfectly fitted into the style of the 60's. A new image of a teenage girl, slim and angular, was extremely popular with everyone. It was Twiggy who was able to add popularity to mini-skirts and huge ornaments, and also to introduce fashionable false eyelashes and a haircut "for a boy".

Another important episode that influenced the style of the 60'sin clothes, the first flight of man into space. This is how the image of "Lunar Girl" (Andre Kurgezh) appears and the space theme is being actively developed by designers. Artificial materials come to the fore: nylon, fabrics with lurex, polyester, vinyl, lycra, krimplen. "Cosmic" dress in the style of the 60's does not crumple, it simply erases, it dries quickly - it was very popular with young people. The most popular was the combination of a mini skirt and high patent leather boots with a low heel.

60's style in clothes, hippies

The other side of this turbulent time wasthe development of a hippie subculture that dictated its fashion: only natural fabrics, old things of different styles, handmade jewelry, shabby jeans, long hair were welcomed. The style of the 60's in the clothes of these people undoubtedly influenced the fashion of the decade as a whole: bright colors were used everywhere.

In these years, the fashion industry did not impose on anyonerigid rules, but gave full freedom of choice. Therefore, she fell in love with young people who could freely experiment, introduce something of their own and thus "move" the fashion.