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Rings on the whole finger - accessories for bright and bold

Fashion has proven a thousand times that the new is a well-forgotten old. And this proves for the thousand first time become again popular the most interesting accessories - rings for the whole finger.

The world has long known about the existence of suchornaments. You can even say more: the women of the East wear them from time immemorial, emphasizing their femininity and mystery with original rings. And for them this is not just a fashionable trend - it's a tribute to tradition.

And decoration, and amulet

If we are talking about the birthplace of the accessory, it is not out of place to emphasize that in the East, just no one will wear a piece of jewelry. All of them are there with meaning, including rings on the whole finger. Specifically, these jewelry are used not only as an addition to the costume, but also as an amulet.

In Muslim countries, attach special importance to such things. A good or thin and openwork ring on the whole finger serves as an energy shield.

rings on the whole finger

This is especially important in families where so farconservative customs are preserved and there is at least the most modest harem. Women's rivalry is always, even if the wives have the same conditions and not one is deprived of attention from their master. Wish a "beloved rival" something of this kind is capable of each. That's protected from each other than they can. Rings, they say, help to preserve peace in the family.

Aggressive and cute. How to use the ring to change the image

European fashionista, choosing a ring for the wholefinger, first of all tend to stand out from the crowd, emphasize their extravagance and independence. And since jewelry of this type is divided into aggressive and tender, then the extravagance turns out to be different.

ring for the whole finger

Romantic natures, in which in the wardrobe and in thethere is no trace of leather pants and skirts, do not even try on "clawed" items. And not so much in the clothing items - they can be bought at any time. Rough and "witty" rings on the whole finger will not be in harmony either with a sweet face, or with a state of mind.

But if you still want bold experiments,among the models of long rings there is always the possibility to choose something magical, but of softer forms: a spider on a spider web, for example, or gold plates in the form of fairy leaves with a diamond drop.

In addition, ring-claws are not very practical - you can hook someone or yourself or tear clothes.

Metal. The noble look aristocratic

For the manufacture of rings on the whole finger jewelers prefer to use noblemetals - gold and silver. An openwork pattern and laconic plates in products made of precious metal look harmonious and very aristocratic.

Of course, there are models of a lowerprice segment. But they are mostly metallic. So, fingers from wearing such ornaments will constantly darken, and the products themselves will soon lose their presentable appearance.

Only in the hands of this master metal rings on the fingers can be a solid look. But experts who are able to make "from the piece of iron candy", a few.

Hand in rings. External view

If before a lot of rings on his hand was consideredmauveton, now it is a very fashionable trend, forcing women to be careful about the selection of jewelry, keeping in mind their harmony and conformity to each other.

The task of fashionistas is very much facilitated by the design idea to create whole collections, among which not only traditional ring sets + bracelet + necklace, or ring + earrings + necklaces, but also rings on the phalanx of the fingers (a kit that has not lost its relevance), and a pair of rings on the entire finger.

A set of two rings, connected by a chain or without it, looks very impressive on a woman's hand. It does not even have a hint of bad taste, despite the fact that the rings occupy a rather large area.

rings on fingers

Rings on the whole finger give the hand grace andrefinement. True, to obtain such an ideal effect, there is a condition: in addition to long, harmonizing rings, there should be no more ornaments on the hand, otherwise it will look too congested, and the owner of a rich collection of jewelry will receive nothing but the effect of "bazaar glamor."

Rings. Clothing. Manicure

And yet, you can put a ring on the whole fingerafford only a really bright personality, which also has enough courage. In addition to all of the above, long rings require the owner of impeccable taste.

First, you need to analyze the statehis manicure: under the elongated rings long painted nails do not fit. A modest neat minimalist manicure (a jacket or one-color pastel lacquer) is just right.

Since the decorations on the fingers are divided into types, which are already mentioned a little higher, then the images for them need to be selected appropriate.

A female vamp with a bright make-up, in a scythe and jeans will choose a version of the ring with an aggressive bias.

Businessman with his unchanging office style will prefer a strict ring of noble metal, without pretentious patterns - only plates.

Most of the elongated rings are in harmony with the ethnic style. And it's not necessary to choose clothes with oriental motifs for a ringlet. Slavic flax sarafans, too, will do.

Selection rules

Before buying original jewelry, eachfashionista worried about two questions: the first - about whether the finger will flex in such an armor, and the second - about what size of the ring to choose, because the links are several and each is calculated for a certain part of the finger.

As for bendability, there are rings that fix the finger and rings, constructed from several links, allowing the finger to bend.

rings on phalanxes of fingers

Now about the size. As a rule, in the elongated ring there are two links intended for putting on a finger. Both are of different sizes, since the lower and upper phalanges differ in volume. When selecting jewelry, you should focus on both, and not only on the top or bottom. The finger should be comfortable, otherwise wearing such a ring after a few days threatens to turn into a total torture.