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Empire dress: characteristic features of style

Feminine, airy and beautiful - this isdress Empire. This thing gained popularity in the beginning of the 19th century with the light hand of Josephine Beauharnais. Fashion is changing, but young ladies and mature ladies are still interested in this dress. Often it is this style that brides turn to when creating a wedding image.

The History of Empire Dresses

How did it all start?Few people know that the history of the Empire dress has been conducted since ancient times. Lightness, innocence and beauty were already sung by society, which could not but influence fashion. However, the modern history of this dress originates in the 19th century. In fashion, it came in thanks to Josephine Beauharnais, the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte.

It was this lady who first began wearing simple andsimultaneously feminine dresses, giving up uncomfortable lush skirts and tight corsets. Josephine's example, of course, was followed by all the French nobility. The dress was made of translucent cotton. The original style allowed to compare it with a long shirt. French women began to put it on secular balls, driving men mad.

Empire dress

Needless to say that over the past yearsthe dress has undergone certain changes. It acquired modern inserts, lost the train and became shorter. The female image acquired a certain boldness, remaining gentle and feminine. The train, which was used in the time of Josefina Bogarne, is now played only in wedding dresses.

Features of style

Simplicity and airiness are the features that have keptdress in Empire style. It still emphasizes the beauty of the female body, it looks natural and harmonious. The high waistline clearly delineates the bodice, which is now usually decorated with ribbons, beads, embroidery. Draped dress directly under the bodice, which gives a gentle and soft folds.

details of a dress in Empire style

Straight neckline is another feature, thanks towhich this dress can not be confused with anything. It can take the form of the heart, be oval or round. Dresses with a closed neckline can be seen extremely rarely, "masked" it with the help of translucent lace.

Who will suit

Style dresses in Empire style emphasizesthe dignity of the female figure. Helps to draw attention to the beauty of the chest helps the neckline and an overstated waistline. Wear this thing can afford and thin and full of fair sex.

dress in Empire style

Elegant girls should pay attention toa model with a bodice, which will catch your eye due to the decoration of beads, volumetric embroidery. It's great if the silhouette is lush, a lot of folds are welcome.

What should be the Empire dress for the fullyoung ladies? They definitely do not fit the model above the knee. A good choice will be maxi, and imperfection of the hips will effectively hide the wide folds. It is important that the bottom of the product is not too lush, this dress will be full. Also a simple bodice, decorated with drapery, is preferred. Ornaments like beads or embroidery are not needed.

Actual colors and fabrics

Now the evening is very populardress in Empire style in beige tones. It looks great in tandem with woven sandals or sandals. To complement the image help delicate jewelry and simple hairstyles.

bright dresses in Empire style

A dress of Bordeaux color is suitable for creating a daily image. It can be worn with a knitted cardigan. Of shoes is to give preference to simple shoes with a low heel.

The evening dress of Empire is made of chiffon, satin, silk. These fabrics look festive, well suited to drapery. Casual dresses are made from muslin, fine knitwear, batiste, crepe.

The issue of length

Short dresses are very popularin young women. They can serve as the basis for a stylish and vibrant image that is suitable for cocktail parties. The model is good because it absolutely does not constrain movement. Her owner can dance the night away.

Long dress Empire can be worn as young girls, and mature ladies. It is ideal for a social event. Also you can meet long sundresses made in this style.

With what to wear

Lightness and femininity are characteristic featuressuch attire. Do not weight heavily the image of massive shoes and bulky accessories. Poorly combined dress with elongated jackets, voluminous sweaters, outerwear. Also, you should give up tight pantyhose that can spoil the whole impression.

extravagant empire dresses

If the goal is business style, the dress can becomplemented with fitted and short jackets. Of shoes are best to look closed shoes on a stable heel. Of course, the color of the outfit should not be too bright, neutral shades are preferable. Optimal length - just below the knees. It is important to pay attention to the choice of a suitable bag, it should be of medium size.

For hikes on the beach will come in handy sundresses in styleempire. These products are made from flying translucent fabrics. Combine them costs with a hat with long fields and a voluminous wicker bag. On your feet you can wear simple sandals.

Evening, ballroom

Today they are very popularcostume events. Many women prefer the style of Empire. This dress allows you to feel beautiful and seductive, emphasize your femininity and draw attention to the merits of the figure.

short dress in Empire style

For costumed events and social eventsyou can choose an Empire dress with a sleeve in the shape of a flashlight. Owners of pale skin should pay attention to pink and peach colors, while tanned young ladies can stay on beige shades.


For many years now, Empire wedding dresses are not out of fashion. Fashion designers pamper brides with new and new collections that allow you to look at this outfit from an unexpected side.

wedding dresses empire

The most popular femininemodel. Their characteristic features - the bodice, decorated with beads or embroidery, smooth and soft folds. Wedding dresses Empire style is traditionally decorated with a long wide ribbon, which emphasizes the waistline.

The right choice of shoes also plays an important role. Heel should not be too high, massive, as this will make the image less feminine and gentle. The color of the shoes can match the color of the ribbon or embroidery.

Accessories, footwear

The outfit in Empire style is good in itself. Accessories should not be given a central role. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid products from bulky materials, to abandon massive gemstones. The use of pearls is welcomed, which will emphasize the romantic and feminine character of the image.

Hair can be decorated with a thin rim. This product can be decorated with artificial flowers in pastel colors or pearls. On your hands, wear thin bracelets made of gold. The finishing touches can be charming earrings-studs and a small necklace on the neck.

It is important that the bag does not turn out to be toomassive. It is better to give preference to a small product on a chain strap. A model with an average size is also relevant. Shoes must be sophisticated and feminine. Welcome lacquered shoes, wedges, sandals, Greek sandals. When choosing shoes, you should always consider the length of the outfit.

Hairstyle, make-up

What hairstyles are combined with the Empire dress? They require grace and simplicity. You can build a tall bunch or collect the curls in a high tail, releasing several front strands. If the hair is long, then it's easy to curl them.

Proper make-up is also very important. Maximum naturalness is the main thing that is required of it. It is better to abandon the wide contour of eyeliner, the use of dark shadows. Make-up should be gentle and romantic.

Dresses in the Empire style will not go out of fashion yet. Therefore, romantic young ladies can safely take this style into service. After all, it is relevant almost everywhere, from the office to the beach.