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Fashionable men's shirt will help create the desired image

Wardrobe modern man can not imagineimagine without a shirt. But what should it be so that a man always looks stylish in it? The fashionable men's shirt of 2013 amazes with boldness of design decisions, the chosen color scale, use of various prints and application of the most unexpected fabrics.

fashionable men's shirt
Along with the traditional stand-up and turn-downcollars, modern designers offer to use this season English and collar-racks. Zippers are widely used. Very bold variants of shirts with a smell, without a fastener and a collar are offered. As before, polo and similar models with a short strap are still relevant. Fashionable men's shirt is replete with details - it is primarily a variety of pockets that can be any size, with and without valves. Solid positions in this season took shirts with a short sleeve and a lapel. Fashionable men's shirts in 2013 with a long sleeve can be worn by rolling them - this gives the man a brutal look.

In addition to the traditional and fairly familiarsuch as linen, knitwear, velor, denim, satin, silk. The brightest novelty of this season is a transparent chiffon, which almost always

Fashionable Men's Shirts 2013
was considered exclusively "female" material. In addition, the fashionable men's shirt of this season can be made of fabrics with the effect of metallization.

Remain at the peak of fashion shirts of white and blackcolors - this is a classic, which is always relevant. But designers also offer more daring solutions in color. Today, more often at fashion shows, you can see men's shirts of yellow, blue, red, as well as pastel tones.

Trend of the season is a fashionable men's shirt,Made in the style of a gradient - a soft flow of one color into another. This method is most often used in shirts made of flax and denim. Very popular in this season are contrasting cells and strips, compositions with ornaments or images of nature, large portraits, etc. The thin stripe pattern is classic, but this year's fashion is wide, multi-colored stripes: bright and very spectacular.

fashionable men's shirts
For a long time we have got used to a cowboy-type shirt in a large cage, and a small cage looks fresh and original.

This year, men will again wear shirtsfitted silhouette. This model is universal, it is suitable for almost all men, so it does not go off fashionable podiums for several years. Her dignity lies in the fact that she perfectly emphasizes the male figure. Today, designers have a huge selection of fabulous fabrics, from which they make original and fashionable men's shirts. The fitted models are mainly sewed from light and non-fading materials. Usually they are worn under a jacket. This model is convenient, because it does not create excess volume at the waist.

To attend official events, it is idealsuitable fitted shirt for cufflinks. It should be worn with a business suit. Although you can consider more free options, for example with narrowed trousers and sneakers.