/ / Reima overalls are high-quality Finnish clothes

Reima overalls are high-quality Finnish clothes

Finnish overalls Reima won the love of adults and children. They are warm, comfortable when putting on and wearing.

Overalls reima
Their wonderful colors make the gray winter days cheerful and joyful. Overalls are sewn for boys, for girls and versatile.

By age categories, they are divided into models,intended for children: 0 to 11 months, 1-3 years, 4-6 years, 7-9 years, 10-14 years. For seasons of application they are demi-seasonal, which protect the child from puddles and mud in sandboxes, and winter ones, which are used at temperatures from +10 to -20 degrees. Thanks to this wide assortment, parents are always able to choose a comfortable, warm, waterproof overall for a child of any gender and age.

Materials and sewing

To make a jumpsuit Reima, use a wide variety of fabrics:

  • water and dirt repellent (see photo);

 winter clothes reima

  • membrane (such a fabric can have two or even three layers);
  • fleece (example photo).

baby clothes reima

The composition includes polyamide and polyurethane, andpolyester is used as a heater. Sometimes it is replaced by down. The fabrics are very durable, and it's difficult to break them. Waterproof zippers are often used. The seams are glued and treated with a laser. Another advantage of this clothing is its lightness, but it does not affect the thermal protection. Overalls Reima is not afraid of frequent washing.

Selection rules for overalls

While the baby moves a little and lies in the stroller,growth is relatively unimportant. But when he learned to actively move, it is necessary to tell the baby when trying on it, so that he crouches in it, bent down and felt that it was convenient for him. That's how the Reima overall will be chosen correctly. Nowhere is anything too tight. This is especially important for the length of the backrest. She should not restrain the movements of the child.


This winter overalls Reima is made of waterproof fabric in the style of ORIGINAL for toddlers.

overalls reima reviews
All seams are glued. The lining is quilted.The hood is removable, with artificial fur trim. There is a pocket with a zip and reflective details. The central zipper is additionally fastened with buttons. The back of the trousers is insulated. On the legs there are silicone strips. They are strong.

Next winter overalls Reima charming bright pink color designed for babes.

For girl
He also does not pass water. The stitches are glued.Lightning is one, located in the center. It is additionally fastened with buttons. The hood can be unfastened. There is a pocket with a zip with a valve. On the legs - elastic strips, which are removed if necessary. The material of this winter overall from the collection of ORIGINAL is very durable.
On lightnings
It simply can not be replaced if the child adoresall day to sled and crawl in the snow. The back of the trousers is insulated. The air exchange is such that the child does not sweat, having spent the whole day in this dress. Two long zippers in front allow you to quickly dress and undress the baby. On the chest in the center there is a pocket with a valve. Inside the overalls - a smooth quilted polyester gasket, through which it is particularly easy to put on and remove. For shaping the edge of the hood is trimmed with an elastic edging.

Demi-season overalls

A vivid example is the fleece overalls Reima. It is soft and fluffy, pleasant for the body. Walking and sleeping in a baby stroller will be a pleasure. Overalls can have bright funny prints.

Or be monochrome.
So he looks in front. And from the side of the back is stitched.
From the back
Fleece overalls simply can not be replaced in autumnand in the spring. Despite the fact that the fleece is soft and pleasant to the touch, it does not let the moisture inside. At the same time, there is a good air exchange and the baby does not sweat. Raglan sleeves give freedom to movement. Fleece overalls can be worn under a warm (winter) on especially frosty days. Lightning along the entire length of the overall makes it convenient to dress and undress. The lining of such a jumpsuit is made of cotton knitwear, which makes it very elastic.

What do parents say?

"Reima" is a high-tech clothing thatat first scares off with its ease. Mama herself walks in the down jacket, and the child is dressed easily. But over time, everyone begins to appreciate the convenience of putting on and understand that the baby is warm. In general, even the most incredulous buyers praise Reima overalls. Reviews are very often positive. Beautiful colors, warming behind the back of the waist, the opportunity to wash a dirty spot, without erasing the overalls, appreciated everything. However, when shopping in Chinese shops, sometimes there are problems - the overalls quickly breaks and rubs, loses color on the knees, although the child does not crawl too much.

Basically, buyers say about them enthusiastically - children's overalls Reima fell in love with Russian buyers.