/ / Fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni: biography, career, personal life

Fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni: biography, career, personal life

In April 2015, the cover of an influential magazineVogue, famous for its unusual approach to the choice of fashionable people, adorned a well-known blogger, the number of subscribers has long exceeded 4 million. The famous fashion-observer, which is called the "mouthpiece" of modern fashion, has long made a favorite business into a lucrative business.

Successful business project

It is worth to get acquainted with a pretty Italian girl,the author of the well-known blog about fashion and the shoe designer, who became an object of imitation of female fans from all over the world. The famous blonde Chiara Ferragni gained fame in 2009, launching her blog - The Blonde Salad. Since then, it has turned into a serious business project, over which more than a dozen people work, and a 28-year-old girl easily entered the top 30 of the rich Forbes 30 Under 30, earning about 8 million dollars a year.

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About Chiara say that she raised her ordinary workblogger to a whole new level, and many of her fans, adoring fashion, believed in themselves after such a stunning success. The girl is recognized as the most influential person in the world of fashion industry, and her portal is visited by millions of users who dream of dressing stylishly and tastefully.

Huge profits

"My life has changed in a magical way.I started with a small blog that was lying in the bedroom, and now I'm flying around the world, and my images are becoming the reason for the discussion in the global network, "Chiara Ferragni rejoices.

A girl who received a law degreeThe press question about whether she is going to continue education in the fashion industry, responds negatively. "Fashion is more of a hobby for me than work. The only thing I thought about was buying special books telling about its history, "Chiara admits.

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However, it should be noted that a pretty hobbybrings good dividends. In 2011, the blogger is recognized as the opening in the world of street fashion, she is invited as an expert on the "Podium" project, and titled brands offer work as a model. Since 2010, Chiara Ferragni, passionately adoring shoes, becomes her designer and produces stylish collections of her own brand, sold in 250 European boutiques. This business for the cute blonde is the most profitable, bringing about 5 million dollars a year.

Rich parents

Now it is ridiculous for her to remember the times when sheborrowed expensive bags from her mother, and today all the famous brands are in the queue to send Italian things for the sake of one mention of them in her blog. And they do it not for free, but for a certain fee - 4 thousand euros, which significantly improve the already non-poor existence of Chiara.

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True, envious of a successful project gossipthat without a rich family, the girl would not promote her blog. Positive Chiara Ferrandi does not react to the negative in her address, but constantly thanks her parents for the opportunities open before her.

Opponents of the famous blogger

The charming blonde has many opponents, too,believing that, as such, the girl does not have style, and she borrows a lot from other bloggers who write about fashion. A distinctive feature of her "bows" is expensive branded things that do not have a distinct individuality. Many do not see in it "style icons" and do not consider its taste special.

Yes, it is expensive and beautifully dressed, but for compatibilitythings the blogger is very careless. There is an opinion that Chiara Ferragni, whose biography is not as well known as her popular site, dresses like an ordinary girl, aspiring to European shine.

Contribution to the development of fashion

However, with all the accusations of an energetic Italian inthe absence of a sense of style can not fail to mention the numerous awards that the blogger has been awarded, and most importantly - the recognition of her contribution to the development of fashion trends.

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It is worth noting and the role of the businesswoman's boyfriend - herdirector and part-time photographer. He knows all the dignity of his beloved girl and perfectly wins the pictures of the high growth of Chiara Ferrandi and her fragility. Unfortunately, recently it became known that the couple who lived together for several years, broke up.

Successful model

A girl who often works as a model adoresFans, envious of her ideal proportions. The fragile Chiara Ferrandi, whose height (177 cm, 55 kg) allow to look elegant in any outfits, will now advertise the Pantene brand, showing not only an amazing figure, but also luxurious hair. She admits that she changes hair styles several times a day, using different styling tools. The girl thinks that groomed hair is part of the style, so you can not forget about caring for them.

Whatever the jealous of the fashion blogger,It is not everyone's power to turn their hobbies into a profitable enterprise. Public recognition of Chiara and the desire to work with her of all popular brands speak much more than some unflattering statements addressed to her, by the way, due to her workload, she does not pay attention.