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Skirt with a train: history and modernity

Modern girls in skirts with the right combination of styles and fashion trends always look stylish and elegant. The choice of models is very diverse.

A skirt with a train at all times was associated withfantasy dresses of fairy princesses dancing at balls. Such outfits always look feminine and seductive enough. World podiums now and then beat skirts with a train in new collections of clothes.

skirt with a train

A bit of history

A trail is an elongated back or side piecehem of the skirt. The acknowledged legislator of the trains is the favorite of the French King Charles VI Agnes Sorel. There was an appearance of this element in the beginning of the XV century.

The medieval church immediately announced thisthe element of the tail of the devil, and the remission of sins for ladies in dresses with a train was not available. Despite the prohibitions, the train became an indispensable element in the dress of the courtiers, and its length directly depended on the status and place of the woman in the hierarchical ladder.

Since the XVIII century, this element of clothing necessarily fastened to the dresses of crowned individuals, and its length was strictly regulated.

It was not easy to move with long hemlines,and to accompany the noble women put on pages. Their number directly depended on the length of the loop. For example, during the coronation, Catherine II was accompanied by 55 pages. And if you take into account all the figures, then its length could reach fifty meters.

The art of wearing the trains of girls was taught from a young age, because in this outfit one could easily get confused and fall. At the beginning of the XIX century, only married ladies wore a train.

tulle skirt with train

Our days

The train with some transformations has survived to our days and is especially often used in wedding and ball fashion. Such an element of clothing is appropriate in concert costumes, for theatrical and operatic exits.

In modern fashion, a skirt with a train is consideredsuitable for social events, celebrations or parties. As for everyday life, this outfit is no less relevant, especially in the summer. Streaming fabrics will give special grace and airiness to any image. In addition, in recent years, such dresses were attributed to the most fashionable models of spring-summer seasons.

girls in skirts

Long or short?

If you decide to purchase a dress with a train,the first thing to decide is the length of the skirt. It can be either short or long. To make the asymmetry of the hemlines look harmonious, you should consider the type and features of your figure.

A skirt with a train is both fashionable andan intriguing subject of the wardrobe. In front it has a length of a mini and is covered partially or maximally (to the knees) with a light hem. Such a model will concentrate the most attention on the ladies' legs.

If you need a comfortable casual skirt for walking or dating, it's worth taking a closer look at the model with a small hem.

skirt tutu with train

Who will use an asymmetrical skirt

Extravagant style will certainly decorate yourimages. A long hem combined with a short skirt and bright accessories will add a twist along. This stylistic combination is suitable for solemn ceremonies and evenings. And in combination with light blouses or thin knitted T-shirts, the skirt will rewind to the everyday style.

For owners of beautiful long legs there is no better version of the skirt than a light asymmetric model. This option just perfectly emphasizes the dignity, attracting the attention of the opposite sex.

A long skirt with a train is universal, sincesuitable for all women without exception. In such a skirt, every lady will not only look, but also feel like a queen. This style is good for ceremonies and visits to grandiose receptions. For special occasions, the outfit is decorated with rhinestones, embroidery or lace, and the corset top will add to the image of even more refinement.

Fabrics and styles

Usually, such a model is made using chiffonor tatin. A skirt of tulle with a train will give an effect of splendor to festive attire. When you use chiffon fabrics, the skirt will look good in your everyday wardrobe.

A skirt-tutu with a train and corset is ideal for young girls for prom. This model is a symbol of fun, carefree and eternal youth.

skirt with a train

A skirt of tulle with a train is suitable as a wedding dress. A train together with a tulle in the image of the bride will give extra pomposity and bring a touch of playfulness.

Flowing chiffon will add ease to everydaymodel and dilute the stricter top of the outfit. The skirt of the sun with a train is the most suitable shape for the summer. Fabric beautifully scattered, and the image itself becomes light and romantic. This style looks good on city streets and against the background of a laid-back suburb.

With what to wear and combine?

Girls in skirts always look feminine and attractive than in practical jeans. Collecting an image with a skirt with a train, you need to decide what effect you want to achieve.

For everyday life, a skirt with a light asymmetry is best. This cut will help to balance the proportions of the figure, will focus on the merits.

Ideally, an outfit with a train is combined with classic boat shoes or any other footwear with heels. In this way, you can extend the silhouette and emphasize beautiful legs.

If growth allows, then the choice of shoes can not be limited and afford any suitable model at low speed. Overstated waist will pull out the figure and hide the wide hips.

skirt with a train 2

Tendencies of modern fashion suggestrelaxation and ease, so if a woman wants to wear a skirt with a train with sneakers or sneakers, this is entirely acceptable. In this case, consider the situation and place to look accordingly.